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At Fabrics Galore we have a passion for quality chambray fabrics and have a diverse range for you to choose from. Cotton chambray is so popular and works perfectly for dressmaking projects as well as patchwork and quilting. With plain, striped and floral chambray fabrics the possibilities for these fabrics are endless. read more show less


Fabrics Galore has a fantastic curated range of high quality cotton chambray fabrics for you to choose from. We have a selection of striped chambray fabrics with matching solids and these are perfect for dressmaking projects as well as for patchwork and quilting. Look no further for high quality chambray fabrics and shop with Fabrics Galore below.


What is chambray fabric?

Chambray is a plain tight weave fabric, typically made from 100% cotton, however other fabrics can also be blended. Chambrays are made of two different threads, one is usually white giving it it’s unique texture. The fabric is a lightweight material which can be used for clothing but also for quilting. Ours are especially good for quilting due to their wide width making them ideal for backing.

Is chambray fabric good for summer?

The fabric texture of chambray is soft and smooth, making it a suitable fabric for any summer clothing projects you have in mind. If you’re thinking of starting a summer dressmaking project, take a look at our collection of dressmaking fabrics.


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