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Batik Cotton

Our Batik cotton hails from India and is made by hand making each roll of fabric unique. Whether it be a dressmaking, quilting or craft project this fabric will add depth to your make. Choose a fabric with colourful hues, whether you want a rainbow gradient or opt for a fabric with cool or warm tones there is a great selection to browse more show less

Batik Fabric by the Half Metre

Our batik collection is produced in a unique cottage industry by specialist craftsmen who pass their skills from generation to generation. Contemporary batik fabric is made through a complex process using a form of wax that resists dye, which in turn creates the wonderful patterns you see on our designs at Fabrics Galore!


What is batik fabric?

Batik fabric is a fabric with multi-coloured designs and patterns, that is made by completing a unique process. The artist uses a technique where a design is drawn on the fabric using wax, so that when the fabric is dyed, the design stays white. The wax is then removed, and the fabric can be repeatedly dyed to create multi-coloured patterns. When creating batik fabric, it can be done with many types of dye and wax on any natural fabrics, such as cotton and silk.

Is batik fabric 100% Cotton?

Most commonly, batik fabrics are usually either 100% cotton or 100% rayon. They are both versatile fibres, however we tend to only stock the cotton ones. The technique is best performed on natural fibres. The tradition of making batik fabric is found in numerous countries, where they create various patterns that are influenced by culture. Batik fabrics which are 100% cotton are frequently used in designs for items such as bags or quilts. Commonly used for quilting projects, you can browse our entire selection of quilting and patchwork fabrics for inspiration on your next design.

Can you wash batik fabric?

It is recommended that a new batik fabric should be cleaned in cold water a couple of times to re-move excess dye before washing in a household washing machine. It can then be washed with similar colours, on a gentle wash cycle with a mild laundry detergent. Alternatively, you can hand wash your batik fabric. Harsh bleaches or ammonia products should not be used, as they can dam-age the material. A dryer can also be used on a warm temperature setting until the fabric is dry.