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Linen Fabric

The Linen Fabric section here at Fabrics Galore is stocked with a range of weights and colours that are ideal for different seasonal dressmaking projects.

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A variety of gorgeous linen fabric prints to choose from

Create the bespoke blouse, skirt or dress of your dreams with help from the linen fabrics collection at Fabrics Galore. From plain prints to tropical and watercolour themes, you can bet that we have the linen fabric dressmaking print that reflects your style right here!

All you need to do now, is decide on the weight and colours you like and you are ready to get sewing!


The natural colour variants of linen fabrics range from a creamy white to a greyish brown. If you wish to make your linen fabric as white as possible, you can bleach it to achieve this shade.

Another strong property of linen is how absorbent it is. Linen is known to absorb up to a fifth of its weight in moisture, which makes it a highly popular fabric for many different sewing projects.

Furthermore, linen is an extremely breathable fabric. Due to the fact that linen is unable to hold air or heat, it is able to dry almost instantly. This property makes linen heavily popular for creating sheets, clothing, and drapery for warmer temperatures.

Linen is also highly popular thanks to its durability. Usually, linens become stronger, softer and shinier with each wash, and this durability prevents it from producing lint!


There are 5 different types of linen fabric available. Firstly, damask linen fabric is a linen that is woven using a mix of plain and satin weaves on a jacquard loom. The end product is a linen fabric that has a smooth texture and a reversible pattern.

Plain woven linen fabric often has a checked or striped pattern and has a loose weave to make it more absorbent than other linen fabrics. Due to its high levels of absorbency, plain woven linen fabric is a popular choice for cleaning fabrics.

Loosely woven linen is an even more absorbent fabric than plan woven linen, however it is less durable. Loosely woven linen is rarely used as a dressmaking fabric.

Sheeting linen is another linen variant, that is heavier than other linen types and is therefore useful for making sheets. 


Sometimes at Fabrics Galore we stock a fabric called Rami, which is very similar to Linen and therefore sits in that department. It has the same construction as linen but whereas linen is made from the flax plant, rami is made from the nettle plant. This means it has a very similar texture but the only real difference is that it feels ever so slightly heavier.

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