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Dressmaking Cotton Gingham - Wide Width - Forest and White

100 metre Gütermann Polyester Thread

Fabric Composition -100% Cotton

Cotton Gingham Fabric - Wide Width - Green and White

Green is so hot right now, and 100% cotton is always a great for many dressmaking projects from dresses, blouses and maybe even a traditional pair of pyjamas. This colour is also ideal for trans-seasonal clothing as it can be worn with knitwear or sandals whether you need to use it as one of many layers or not.

Yarn Dyed 1/3” Gingham

Fabric Width - 145cm wide

Fabric Weight -  110gsm

Fact - In the 18th Century Gingham manufacture helped cities such as Manchester climb out of an economic slump as it took off in popularity inspired by the more traditional Tartans and plaids.


Ruler shown is in inches.


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