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5 Easy Home Made Mother's Day Gifts

It’s finally March and Spring has nearly sprung which reminds us, it is coming up to a very important day, a day where we say thank you to our biggest fans and the most important person in our support networks; that’s right, it is Mother’s Day. So we have collated all the best and easiest makes for you to say thank you; and let’s be honest it doesn’t have to be your Mum, it could just be that person you can always depend on. 

The Best DIY Mother's Day Gifts

Make Your Mum a Dressing Gown

First up, we thought you just can’t go wrong with a Dressing Gown, everyone needs one but it is the kind of thing that gets pushed to the bottom of a shopping or make list so that automatically makes them a super gift. Not only that, but they are relatively quick and easy to make. This free pattern from Style Me Pretty whips one up in just nine steps, perfect.


Style Me Pretty How to Make a Dressing Gown    How to Make a Dressing Gown

Style Me Pretty DIY Dressing Gowns 

Super Fabrics for Mother's Day Dressing Gown Gifts

And you know what makes an even better Dressing Gown, a dreamy fabric and luckily we have endless options for that. The best fabrics for projects like this are almost anything without stretch and something which is light. A cotton poplin is perfect but you could also include seersuckers, Swiss knots and even a viscose if you wanted to make something with a kimono vibe. 

We were thinking maybe a pretty floral print cotton? Or maybe if you wanted to make this dressing gown part of a spa day gift what about our white seersucker? There are so many different options…


Blue floral fabric for summer dressing gown  Pink Floral Cotton for dressing gown

Autumn Flowers Cotton Lagoon Blue and Pretty Pink


But maybe we were getting ahead of ourselves maybe you were thinking a slightly cosier version as we aren’t out of the woods just yet in terms of the weather. So then what about whipping up one of these in a double gauze, it would perfect for pulling on after a shower or for curling up on the sofa for a big telly night. 


Double Gauze Fabric for dressing gown

See all the Colours and Pretty Florals in Our Double Gauze Collection


Oh here is a thought, what about using the left overs from this gift to whip up a matching eye mask…….


Bags to Make as Mother's Day Gifts

Make a Bum Bag

If a dressing gown sounds a bit too traditional for you, and your Mum is way more hip and cool than that, how about a Bum Bag. Perfect for slinging on as you nip to the shop or to the park, big enough for all the essentials - keys, cards, phone and maybe even a snack. We found this Free Pattern by Madam Sew which means you could make an entirely unique and personal gift for your Mum this Mother’s Day.


Free Pattern Bumbag

Madam Sew Free Bum Bag Pattern

Now we know what you are thinking, what is the best fabric to make this in? Well we were thinking our brushed cotton panamas make perfect bag fabrics as they are strong so can take a lot of wear. And then the colours are so bright and fun they are perfect for a gift. Oh, and may we also remind you that green, violet and coral are so hot right now, so you could also make a bang on trend Mother's Day gift too. In fact now we come to think of it, we might have to make one for ourselves. 


Plain Coral Cotton Panama Fabric    Purple Brushed panama fabric

Brushed Panama Weave Cotton Fabric



Make a Wash Bag

You can never go wrong with a wash bag and again, they are the kind of things people wouldn’t make for themselves, making them an ideal gift. After so long without being able to travel, everyone is itching to get away so why not add to the excitement and add a new wash bag to the mix. Again, the best part of these is you can make them entirely personal to the person you are making them for, they are the perfect way for using some of our more novelty prints. 


Novelty Fabrics for Mother's day Gifts

Novelty Craft Fabrics


But as all you need for a wash bag is a fabric and a zip, why not make them extra special and add in some pom pom to make it a truly special gift. 


Pom Pom Trim

Craft Fabric


Make A Tote Bag Gift

You simply can’t have enough tote bags, they are now a total essential you need for everything from the big weekly shop to just in case you need to take some extra layers with you. As they are so essential, making one for Mother’s Day is a great idea because it’s another way of making something really personal. For the best tote bags we would recommend using one of our furnishing cottons as they are hard wearing but can be easily be washed over and over again so will last a long time. 

Does your Mum love patterns? Well, what about teaming up our new Bag Webbing with one of our great prints……


Scandi Forest Home Furnishing Fabric    Black and White Bag Webbing

Scandi Forest Furnishing Cotton and Black & White Bag Webbing


Maybe she isn’t a floral kinda gal, well what about doing a pattern clash with some of our ginghams and then adding a striped bag webbing? Oh gosh, there are just too many combinations to consider….


Furnishing Weight Navy Gingham Fabric    Navy and White Stripe Bag Webbing

Furnishing Cotton Gingham and Navy & White Striped Webbing

Make Lavender Bags for Mother's day

Wanting to make something simple that will make a big impact, we at Fabrics Galore don’t think you can go wrong with a simple, sweet smelling Lavender Bag. Not only will they look lovely, the scent of lavender can help when you are struggling to sleep;  an added bonus is that the smell can repel moths so best make a few so that your Mum can pop one under her pillow but also amongst her favourite jumpers.

Since you don’t actually need very much fabric for a set of lavender bags, you could possibly afford to splash out on a treat of a fabric, which can only mean using a Liberty fabric. The other advantage to using a tana lawn is that it’s light enough to allow the scent to flow out, oh and they are very pretty too.


Liberty Fabric


Choose Fabric for your Easy Mother's Day Gifts

We hope you have been inspired to make one of our 5 easy home made mother's day gifts, and our delivery is super quick so you'll be in plenty of time for Mother's Day on 27th March. We are here for fabric advice 6 days a week to help you choose the fabric for a gift your Mum will love. 




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