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The Fabrics Galore dressmaking department is the ideal place to search for inspiration for your handmade wardrobe. We have a huge range of dressmaking fabrics and if you’re into printed fabrics then this is the place for you! read more show less


At Fabrics Galore we work hard to bring you a diverse range luxurious dressmaking fabrics. Whether you are looking for a bold printed cotton, viscose for ‘that’ dress pattern or a linen for the warmer months you’ll be sure to find something you love. You can expect to find ex-designer fabrics from your favourite high street brands sitting alongside the vintage Liberty print cotton lawns and vibrant Alexander Henry cottons. So explore the diverse range of dressmaking fabrics below.



What fabric is best for dresses?

If you’re dressmaking for the first time and looking for the best fabric, then cotton is a great beginner fabric. Cotton is a naturally woven fabric which makes clothing comfortable, breathable and wearable all year round. Compared to any other fabric, it is easy sew with and comes in a variety of types, from lightweight cotton lawns to heavier cotton panamas. At Fabrics Galore we try to stock a wide range of cotton, so be sure to take a look at our cotton fabrics to start your project today.

How do I know how much fabric I’ll need?

Our dressmaking fabrics come in two standard widths, 115cm and around 140cm. The narrower width tends to be fabrics such as quilting cottons which can also be used for dressmaking. Although hard to calculate what you’ll need without seeing what you are making, there are a few standard lengths, all using the wider 145cm width.

Trousers - 1.5M, Fitted Dress - 1.5M, Dress with a full skirt: 3M, Top - 1.5M, Skirt - 1-2M

When starting a dressmaking project, it’s key that you spend some time working out how much fabric you are going to need to buy. As we often say it’s better to have a little bit more just to be safe. All sewing patterns tell you how much fabric you’ll need for 115cm or a 140cm width fabric. Make sure you also check the finished garment measurements as they are really useful for picking the size you’d like to cut out.

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