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Discover our complete collection of velvet dressmaking and velvet soft furnishing fabrics at Fabrics Galore London.

Whether you need a stretch velvet for that special Autumn/Winter dress or a heavier weight home furnishing velvet we have you covered. Gorgeous digital print velvet fabric at Fabrics Galore London.

How to Store Velvet Fabric

Folding velvet fabric is best avoided as it creases so easily and can damage the luxurious pile permanently. This is why our online velvet collection is limited apart from our digital print velvets and stretch velvets in our home furnishing collection.

If you are storing velvet garments, store them in a breathable protective bag or drape natural fibres like cotton scarves over the shoulders to prevent dust. Vacuum velvet upholstery regularly to keep it looking good. 

If you have purchase velvet fabric and are not sewing with it immediately then you can hang the fabric in folds from a wooden coat hanger using fat pegs on the edge of the fabric or simply roll it gently. 



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