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Fabrics Galore has a gorgeous range of super soft, lovely luxurious bouclé fabric also known as teddy coating fabric in fantastic colours.  Our bouclé collection is made with Polyester Microfibre in a lovely heavy 300gsm weight with a good drape. Uniquely, bouclé is soft and silky but with a very warm and cosy feel.

Our range of colours includes cream bouclé, pink, navy, black, blue, sage green, teal, grey and these gorgeous boucle fabrics are perfect for dressmaking to create all sorts of garments such as a classic suit, coat or on-trend  bouclé jacket.

Bouclé fabric is also increasingly used in interior projects especially for covering chairs for a modern Scandi look although this is not the fabric's original intended use.

Sold by the half metre - shop now for super soft boucle fabric. 

What is bouclé fabric?

Bouclé (meaning curled or looped in French) is made with two strands of yarn combined with different tensions applied on each to create the loops and forming a textured, curly, knotted bouclé yarn which can be manufactured as either tight or loose curls. 

It was first created in the 1940s, when Florence Knoll asked industrial designer Eero Saarinen to design a chair that she could “really curl up in". The result was the famous Saarinen’s Womb Chair, debuted in 1948.

Bouclé fabric was later adopted by various fashion houses most notably Chanel for their famous Chanel jackets and suits.

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