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Our full range of high quality genuine Ikat fabrics are one of the most popular in our home furnishing fabric collection due to the enduring appeal of this textile design which adds a timeless elegance to any interior decor in the home. 

What is Ikat fabric?

Ikat refers to the "resist" dyeing technique whereby bundles of yarns are tightly wrapped before resist dyeing sections of the yarns in a particular pattern. With Ikat it is the yarns rather than the woven cloth which are resist dyed. The technique is thought to originate in Malaysia as the word Ikat means to bind in Malay.

The characteristic blurred edges of the design come about due to the difficulty in matching the yarns before they are woven. The less blurred, the more skilled the weaver and the finer the yarns.

What are the different types of Ikat?

There are 3 different types of Ikat including warp ikat, weft ikat and double ikat. Double ikat is the most labour intensive and highly skilled of the 3 to produce as the warp and weft yarns are both tied and dyed before being woven into a single textile.

Visit our actual store on Lavender Hill in London to see our full range of Ikat fabrics after browsing our collection online. 


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