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If you are on the hunt for beautiful quality jersey fabric then look no further than Fabrics Galore. Our online collection is a den of temptation, whether you are looking for a vibrant printed cotton jersey fabric or a fantastic solid we are bound to have something you can’t live more show less


The range of jersey fabrics at Fabrics Galore is bound to inspire your next sewing project. We have a wide range of affordable designs and all our jerseys have a high cotton content. For something more structured why not look at our ponte de romas. From vibrant children's jersey fabric in delightful prints for kids to classic nautical stripe printed jersey for adults we’ve got you covered.

What is cotton elastane jersey?

Jersey is used describe any knitted fabric, so a cotton elastane jersey is any knit made up of predominately cotton with some elastane thrown in too for more stretch. This makes it ideal for children clothes and t-shirts.

Is jersey fabric good for summer?

During the summer it is necessary to keep cool when the weather may not be, and cotton elastane jersey is the perfect t-shirt material. Jersey fabric can be a lightweight and flexible material, that can be worked into most dressmaking projects. It is also breathable and stretchy making it ideal for both summer t-shirts but also for handy base layers during the colder months.

Find all your UK cotton jersey fabric at Fabrics Galore London.

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