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We all know that creating a quilt is a labour of love, but they last a lifetime and the perfect gift for a loved one. Creating a vibrant and unique quilt seeing you mixing patterns and colours to create your own unique colour palette. Browse our patchwork and quilting fabrics below and choose anything from a beautiful blender to a graphic print fabric to create your dream craft more show less

Quality Patchwork Fabric for Quilting

Good quality cotton fabric works best when making quilts and there are loads of great quilt patterns out there to inspire your next creation . Whoever you’re making your quilt for you can find fabric for every occasion from Christmas patterns to the always popular florals and blenders. With fabrics sold by the half metre, you can choose as many designs as you want to create the perfect patchwork quilt.

What is a quilting fabric?

A classic quilt is made up of three layers, the top layer is the decorative one, the second is your batting material. This adds the weight to the quilt as well as insulation to keep you warm. The final layer is your backing fabric. This is usually made out of a similar weight fabric to your top. Many people opt for a plain back, but you can get as creative as you like!

What is the best material for quilting?

Quilting cottons are the best type of fabric to use for quilting, they usually come in a 115cm width and are a medium weight. Alongside this you can also use cotton lawns, this is a lighter weight cotton but is also very strong. If you’re looking for a cotton lawn we have the most fantastic range ofLiberty prints.

Making sure that we provide the highest quality of cotton quilting fabric is important to us atFabrics Galore, which is why we spend a long time sourcing the best of the best quilting fabrics to create an epic quilt design.

Can quilting fabric be used for clothing?

Yes! Quilting fabrics can be used to make most dressmaking projects, anything from a top, dress and even a lightweight jacket. Because the fabric is narrower you’ll just need to buy a bit more!

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