A Guide to Sewing with Faux Fur

A Guide to Sewing with Faux Fur

Sewing with Faux Fur Fabric


It’s approaching the time of year where we just want to be cosy, and a fabric that can definitely help create that vibe is faux fur. But fur can be daunting to sew with if you haven’t done so before. However, it is very similar to sewing with thicker fabrics like velvet, although with a slightly longer pile. To help you, Team FG have come up with a handy guide on how to sew with faux fur. 

Preparing to Sew with Faux Fur

As faux fur tends to shed quite a lot even before you start sewing, give it a good comb with a wide-toothed comb and then give the fabric a good shake to remove any loose fabric. 

Make sure that the fabric pile is pointing the right way for your sewing project. The Sewing Directory recommends marking the direction of the pile on the back of the fabric so you don't make a mistake. 

How to Cut Faux Fur

So before you even get to the sewing, you will have to cut out the required shape. The issue with cutting fur is that if you cut it like a normal fabric, you risk giving it a hair cut which could ruin the whole effect of your finished item. You definitely don't want the fur to be bare around the seams.

So instead of cutting it with scissors, it would be better if you draw your required shape on the back of the fabric and then cut it with a craft knife from the back going up and down like a saw. This method of cutting fur will minimise the cutting of the actual pile.

Or, if you only need to shape the fur into a square or a rectangle you can make a cut in the backing only, and then rip the fur side gently. This is the easiest approach as it will always rip in a straight line. Just snip a tiny bit but enough to get your hands on either side, pull it apart with confidence and it should rip in a straight line all the way. 

Trim the Fur if Sewing onto Another Fabric

It might sound counter-productive but give your Faux Fur Fabric a trim!

When you are sewing a piece of fur to something else or to another piece of fur, it is a good idea to trim along the edge you are going to sew. You only need to trim as far in as the seam allowance but you will need to do this to keep the seams as small as possible and avoid clogging up your machine. 

The easiest way to do this, is to work out where you are going to be stitching and then create a parting (like you do with own hair) and trim off the excess fur from there. So, if you are sewing all the way around a rectangle for example, you would trim an identical seam allowance distance all the way around.  Then it would look a bit like a lawn which has been mown around the edge. 

When you have sewn the pieces together it is also a good idea to trim back the seams, again to reduce bulk and allowing them to lie flatter. 

Do You Need a Special Needle?

In terms of what needle to use, we recommend using a needle designed for heavier fabrics as the fur can be quite thick. Always use a nice new needle which will be sharper and better suited to penetrating the thick fur. 


What Stitch to Use

Even after trimming, the seams will still be quick thick so we would also recommend using a longer stitch length. Use a straight stitch or if the pile is longer, a zig-zag stitch won't show the gaps on the seams. 

Pulling the Fur Through

Even after giving the seam a trim you will still need to go along the seam and pull through the fur strands in order to get the all-round furry look. You will have to pull through more if you are using a longer pile fur as more of it will have been pulled through the seam. Otherwise you won’t get the all over fluffy, cosy texture you want. This is also where the longer stitch length becomes handy because it allows you to pull the strands through more easily. 

Sewing Machine Care after Sewing with Fur

Top Tip from the Spruce Crafts is to clean your sewing machine after each time you have used it to sew with faux fur. The large quantities of lint which fur tends to shed as you work with it can damage the inner mechanics of your sewing machine and ruin its stitch quality, so always give it a thorough clean as soon as possible after sewing with fur. You could use a gentle vacuum clean very effectively to this end.


What can you make with Fur?

You may now be wondering what you could make with fur. Well, we at Fabrics Galore have a few ideas below, but in general stick to simple patterns without any complicated seams as these would not work with faux fur.   Sewing with faux fur creates quite bulky seams which you can either trim back by hand or avoid altogether by using a wide zig zag stitch, which will be concealed by the fur. 

Faux Fur Cushions

Using fur for a cushion will make your sofa even more inviting than usual. And given that most cushions are simple square shapes, they are not only a great home furnishing item to start with for sewing generally, but also a great first fur make. 

To make your cushion even simpler you can even use something different on the back so that you only have one side of the fur to deal with. Either way, they will give your home a certain air of alpine chic. 

Moms and Crafters has an easy DIY fur cushion tutorial you can make:


DIY Faux fur cushion tutorial     olive green faux fur fabric

Easy DIY Fur Cushion Tutorial and Olive Green Long Hair Faux Fur Fabric


Fur Gilets

A fur gilet elevates a standard winter jeans, boots and jumper outfit with an extra bit of glamour and always seems to survive the changing seasonal trends. Fur gilets are especially fun for teens and can be made in leopard print fur as well as regular fur.  


faux fur gilet pattern    Purple Stripe Faux fur


Simplicity Gilet Pattern from The Foldline and Purple subtle stripe faux fur fabric


Faux Fur Blankets and Throws

Another great and simple make that many members of Team FG have in their homes is a simple fur blanket, one side fur and the other side either fleece or maybe even a bouclé. Again, this sticks with the Alpine theme, but imagine how cosy a faux fur blanket is for snuggling under to watch telly. Super simple, sew the two pieces with the right sides together (leaving a gap to pull the whole thing right side out); once you have checked all the fur has been pulled through, either just sew up the opening by hand or you can top stitch it all the way around. Either way, a very cosy blanket indeed. 

Check out Gina Michele's How to Sew a Faux Fur Throw tutorial:


Faux Fur blanket throw tutorial     Pale pink faux fur fabric

Gina Michele faux fur throw tutorial and Pale Pink Faux Fur Fabric


A Fur Bucket Hat

A fur bucket hat not only looks good but keeps you really warm in winter. Luckily the Foldline stocks the fantastic Hope Bucket Hat sewing pattern from The Patterns Room in three sizes for women and children (check out the bucket hat in the fawn bouclé - it's irresistible) 


Bucket Hat Pattern    Taupe Teddy Boucle fabric

 Hope Bucket Hat Sewing pattern and Taupe Boucle Fabric by Fabrics Galore

Christmas Stockings with a Faux Fur Trim

We hate to mention this but Christmas is getting closer and it is always best to be prepared well in advance of the big day. (If you wanted to make all your gifts, to be honest you should have started last month.) We have always loved the idea of using a 10cm strip of fur across the top of a Christmas stocking. And because fur doesn’t need hemming it can be done quite simply, but boy, will it make your Christmas look fancy….


Christmas stockings with faux fur trim


Ready to Start Sewing with Faux Fur?

We hope that our guide to sewing with faux fur fabric has inspired you to give it a go. If you have any questions about your project or which of our faux fur fabrics is suitable, please contact our expert and friendly team at Fabrics Galore on howdy@fabricsgalore.co.uk or call them on 020 7738 9589


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