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Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas

Although the sun is shining right now, it will soon be time to pop on a witch’s hat and celebrate Halloween and this means one thing – FANCY DRESS. For some, the thought of fancy dress may lead to blind panic but for others, it’s the cause of celebration. However you feel, we have put together a list of the best simple fancy dress ideas we have picked up over the years.


Halloween Fabric by Fabrics Galore


It might be a good idea to keep these ideas in the back of your mind for World Book Day too.


Crowns fit for royalty


If you’re bored of the standard witch and cat costumes, why not try making a little crown for your princesses and princes? You can use any cotton fabric for this, depending on the type of royalty you are looking to dress, but really you want it to be metallic.


Metallic star fabric for fancy dress crown    Metallic navy star fabric for fancy dress crown

Not only are crowns a bit of a scrap buster, but they can also be made a few sizes too big with extra fastenings so that you don’t need to make them again next year. You can even keep them somewhere safe and recycle them at Christmas too. We have found this simple free tutorial from Crafty Sewing Sew, so be sure to take a look.


Crafty Sew and Sew Fabric Crowns



Multi-purpose wings


Should you want to try something a bit more complicated, what about whipping up a pair of wings? These can easily be used for anything from fairies and butterflies to dragons and bats, and many things in between.

 Bat wing fabric Halloween    Fairy Wing fabric fancy dress

You can use a simple cotton to make wings, but to add some structure it’s best to line them with wadding. After all, no one wants a flimsy wing. Here at Fabrics Galore, there are many different cotton options to suit every costume idea, from the deepest black for something a bit creepy to the perfect pink for a super sugar plum fairy. This free pattern from Crazy Little Projects is ideal as you can adapt the shape to whatever creature you are thinking of dressing up as.


Crazy Little Projects Wings

Simple yet effective capes


Back to a very simple idea; the cape. Perfect when fighting for good as a superhero or causing havoc as something a bit darker, a cape is super simple to make and depending on the size of your caped crusader, it doesn’t require a huge amount of fabric either. Of course, capes can also easily be customised too by adding initials or even a trim depending on how fancy the character is that you’re dressing up as.


Black Skulls Halloween fabric     Halloween fancy dress fabric


Our plain black poplin would add an extra layer of swish to any classic witch costume and our colourful skull printed fabric would make a great cape for a Grim Reaper perhaps. If you have a small person who wants to dress up as Little Red Riding Hood or maybe Snow White, don’t worry we have a plain red poplin too and even a spotty poplin for a fun alternative.


Cape Fabric Red Fancy Dress    Little Red Riding Hood Cape fabric


Naturally, capes are a necessity for fighting all sorts of crime and protecting the earth, so in our plain poplin collection, we have every colour you need whether you are looking to become the God of Mischief, an Amazonian Princess or just simply to use the force.


If you are making a cape for a small person, you may only need half a metre. They’re unlikely to be more than a metre tall and their shoulders are probably less than 50cm wide, and here at Fabrics Galore nearly all of our fabrics are at least 112cm wide.


‘Scary’ animal tails


When you’re thinking of making something for a little monster, you may find you need a dinosaur tail and as always, we can help you out. This pattern is something that we’re very excited about making ourselves and it is such a brilliant idea from Andreas Notebook.


Dinosaur tail tutorial

As the pattern states, you can use any fabric that isn’t stretchy which means the possibilities are simply endless and this could be another way of using up the scraps from other projects. Whether you’re dressing up as a dinosaur or a dragon, it would be great to use some of our faux suede to give your dinosaur spikes some added texture too.


Black faux suede for fancy dress tails


Whilst we are on the subject of tails, if you’re planning a classic costume this year and you need a cat's tail, check out our Velboa selection. Not only is this perfect for tails, but it would make some very good cat ears too by simply attaching the fabric to a hairband.


Ponyskin velboa animal fancy dress

But if you wanted something more than just Cat Ears have a look how cute this Free pattern is from Made By Tonya. And there is even a Zebra Option too. 

Patterned leggings


If you already have a great little space fancy dress costume with planets attached to a jumper, for example, and you’re struggling with what to wear on the bottom half, have you thought about adding some constellation leggings? Not only will they make the fancy dress costume really pop, but even better still, they are ideal for kids’ casual wear too.


Space fancy dress fabric    Planets and space fancy dress fabric


It’s not just a space costume that would be aided by a cute pair of leggings either, they’re great for animal costumes like zebras and leopardsas well.


Leopard fancy dress fabric    Zebra fancy dress fabric


Preparing for Halloween this year


Even after all of these ideas, if you are still struggling with what to dress up as this Halloween, there is lots more inspiration waiting for you both in our Halloween fabric collection and also on our Fancy Dress Pinterest Page.


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