How To Get The Linen Look

How To Get The Linen Look

We know what it feels like when you want that elegant look of linen but frankly, sometimes, the disadvantages of it outweigh the benefits.
There are many benefits to linen, such as its breathability and durability plus it’s even better for the environment than cotton. This is because of how easy it is to grow the flax plant, as it doesn’t require a huge amount of water. But one of the main problems with linen is that it crinkles a lot, so in dressmaking, sitting down can be a bit of a struggle when you are wearing linen, and in furnishing projects the final finish can look quite untidy, which isn’t always the desired look. It can also be a more expensive fabric option, especially a printed linen which is why people tend to go for cotton instead.
Here at Fabrics Galore, we have another option for you, why not use Linen Look fabric instead?
What is linen look fabric?


Linen look fabric, particularly in furnishing, is usually made of a mixture of cotton and polyester. It’s still as elegant and rustic as actual linen but without the creases and is slightly easier to look after too, so it’s a great option for a variety of different soft furnishing projects. At Fabrics Galore, we have it available in both hardy neutrals, as well as some of the great prints we are known for.
Neutral Linen Look Fabric
How can linen look fabrics be used in furnishing projects?
  • Linen look animal prints


Linen Look Children's Bedroom Fabric Jungle    Linen Look children's bedroom fabric sharks

These animal prints work especially well in children’s bedrooms for something tasteful but still with a fun edge. We really can’t lie, ‘King Julian’ is one of our all-time favourite patterns and with that almost monochrome colour palette, it would even look great when mixed and matched with lots of palms and plants in a conservatory or living room.
  • Stevie Ikat Linen Mixes


Linen Look Ikat Fabric Stevie neutral    Linen Look Ikat fabric turquoise

Now, if you aren’t fully convinced about having any linen showcased in your home for your furnishings, we also have our range of Stevie Ikat Linen Mixes, which give you the best of both worlds really. Being 60% Polyester, 32% Cotton and 8% Linen, the creasing is reduced but there is still that tiny bit of linen in there to keep it feeling natural. Stevie is also great because it is the perfect print for adding a bohemian vibe to any room, but here at Fabrics Galore we think it would be especially good in a bedroom because of its slightly muted colour palette.
Linen Look Ikat Fabric Mustard
Can you use linen look fabrics in dressmaking?
Linen look fabrics and mixes don’t just have to be for furnishing projects, they can equally be used for dressmaking. Let’s be honest, no one has time for constant ironing or the energy to stay standing trying to avoid crinkles, which is why linen look fabric is ideal. By adding a little bit of something else to a pure linen material, not only does the creasing lessen, but it adds some drape to the fabric, making it suitable for even more dressmaking projects. For example, these linen viscose mixes still have that beautiful elegance that we all associate with linen dressmaking. They are just so much easier to look after and can be draped too - the dream.
Linen viscose chambray fabric navy    Linen Viscose chambray fabric light blue
There’s no need to stick to plain linen look fabrics either, if you like a bit more print in your drape, then look no further than these little beauties. The 70% linen aspect of this material gives it a lovely lived-in and rustic feel, but the 30% viscose makes the feel much less crunchier than linen, so would be the perfect choice for a beautiful summer dress project. We even have some gorgeous new tie dye linen look fabrics which would look gorgeous when used for a summer dress, or even a comfortable and breathable top for the warmer weather.
Linen viscose chambray cream meadow print    Linen viscose dressmaking floral fabric
  • Don’t forget about crafting projects
We seem to get some of our funniest prints available on a linen look material which makes them ideal for bag making, lamp shades or even a fun apron. Just look at some of these examples, the possibilities are endless. There are actually so many different ways to use them in some fun fabric crafts.
Linen look craft fabric tiger print    Linen look craft fabric Frida Kahlo
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