Modern Floral Fabrics in Dressmaking

Modern Floral Fabrics in Dressmaking

Florals, not exactly groundbreaking, right? Yet the fanbase for florals shows no signs of abating and if the recent Chelsea Flower Show guest attire was anything to go by, florals are as popular as ever at this time of year.


Floral fabrics have been a staple in fashion for centuries and floral designs have always held a special place in our hearts and homes. But what defines a modern floral print? This article will delve into the world of modern floral fabrics, exploring the latest floral print trends, and providing a guide to selecting the perfect modern floral dressmaking fabric for your next project.


The Definition of Modern Floral Prints


Modern floral prints represent a departure from traditional, realistic representations of flowers. Instead, these designs often feature bold, vibrant colours, geometric shapes, and unexpected combinations of flowers and foliage. The flowers may be oversized or tiny, simplified or intricately detailed, realistic or whimsical.


The Evolution of Floral Pattern Trends


The evolution of floral pattern trends reflects changes in society, technology, and artistic movements. In the early 20th century, the Art Nouveau movement brought us fluid, organic floral designs, while the Art Deco period favoured geometric, stylised flowers. The psychedelic prints of the 1960s and 70s gave way to the minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired florals of the 80s and 90s.


Today, we see a fusion of these influences in modern floral fabrics. Digital printing technology, introduced in the 1990s, has opened up new possibilities for colour, detail, and scale. We are seeing a resurgence of bold, oversized flowers, as well as delicate, watercolour-like florals.  

Our latest Liberty fabrics are digitally printed in Italy.


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Liberty Fabrics Tana Lawn™ Carline Bloom and Ikat Anemone



Modern Florals in Fashion

Summer 2024 in the UK saw a resurgence of floral prints, but with a fresh, modern twist. Inspired by the beauty of nature, fashion designers and enthusiasts alike embraced floral prints, making them a staple in summer wardrobes. Our blog on Accessible Spring/Summer 24 Fashion Trends for Dressmakers, noted the preference for rose print florals.


Great Value Cotton Blue Roses and White Floral Rose Print Cotton Lawn


 Latest Trends for Florals


Fashion journalists noted that the traditional delicate and feminine floral prints were given a makeover with bold, oversized patterns. The trend was all about making a statement, with large, abstract flowers adorning everything from dresses to trousers, and even accessories like handbags and shoes.


The colour palette for floral prints this season was diverse, ranging from soft pastels to vibrant reds. Many designers chose unexpected colour combinations, adding an element of surprise to their pieces. Monochrome floral prints, particularly in black and white, also made an appearance, offering a smart alternative to the typically colourful floral trend.


Another key trend was the use of mixed floral prints. Designers were layering different floral patterns together, adding a modern, edgy feel to the traditional print, making it more appealing to a younger, fashion-forward audience.


In terms of styling, designers suggested pairing bold floral prints with simple, neutral pieces to balance out the look. They also recommended mixing and matching different floral prints for a more daring, updated look.


Overall, the summer 2024 UK fashion trends for floral prints were all about boldness, modernity, and sustainability. They offered a fresh take on a classic trend, proving that floral prints are anything but outdated.


95% Cotton 5% Elastane Organic Green Floral Jersey Fabric    

 Floral Cotton Jersey Jazzy Green and Cotton Poplin Flower Bomb 


Floral Dress Patterns

 Here is the Fabrics Galore round up of the best patterns to suit floral prints.


Tilly and the Buttons: Lyra and Indigo Patterns

 Merchant & Mills patterns: The Florence and The Etta 


Sew Me Something Ada Dress and Fibre Mood Paulette Blouse


Choosing the Right Floral Dressmaking Fabric


When choosing a floral dressmaking fabric, consider the style and purpose of the garment. For a formal dress, you might choose a luxurious cotton sateen with a large, dramatic floral print. For a casual summer dress, a lightweight cotton, such as a cotton poplin, a viscose or a linen with a dainty, pastel floral might be perfect.


Consider the scale of the print in relation to the size of the garment and the wearer. A large print can overwhelm a petite person or a small garment, while a small print might look busy on a large garment or a tall person.


Finally, consider the colour palette. Modern floral fabrics come in a wide range of colours, from monochromatic to multi-coloured, from neutral to neon. Choose a colour palette that complements the wearer, as well as the season and occasion.


For inspiration read our Guide to Floral Prints in Dressmaking


Finding the Modern Floral for You


Modern floral fabrics offer a fresh, contemporary take on a classic theme. Whether you're drawn to bold, abstract flowers or delicate, realistic blooms, there's a floral print out there that's perfect for your next dressmaking project. By understanding the latest floral pattern trends and knowing how to select the right floral dressmaking fabric, you can create beautiful, fashionable garments that are truly modern and truly you.

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