The Best Fabrics To Up-cycle Your Favourite Furniture Pieces

The Best Fabrics To Up-cycle Your Favourite Furniture Pieces

Now, with everyone having a lot more time on their hands over the last few lockdowns, many of us have turned to up-cycling to give our homes a bit of an uplift. Obviously, there are many ways to do this, you can just take a look at Pinterest to see a whole plethora of up-cycling ideas. These can range from turning cheese graters into a utensil rack (yes really), down to just giving your furniture a fresh lick of paint.
Refresh your cushions
Here at Fabrics Galore, naturally we think one of the easiest ways to breathe life into your old sofas and seats is by re-covering the cushions. Nearly every single one of our furnishing fabrics can be used for this and can make a real impact on the overall look and feel of your furniture. The process of re-covering your cushions is actually simpler than you might think, as you can use the old fabric as a pattern and in no time at all you can make a whole new cushion cover. We recently re-posted this great example on our Instagram page of a brilliant new cushion pad cover by using one of our favourites, ‘Marcel’.
Furnishing Fabric Upcycling Seat Cushion Marcel    Upcycled wicker seat Marcel furnishing fabric
There are so many different ways to refresh your cushions, even on wicker furniture, as we couldn’t agree more that tropical prints go perfectly with this style of furniture. If you have a bench seat cushion which you want to revamp, we have plenty of perfect botanical palm prints that would look marvellous - all you need is a staple gun.
Furnishing palm prints    Petrol palm print fabric for upcycling
Use fun prints
Upcycling projects are usually smaller than other projects, so you really have the opportunity to incorporate some fun prints and add brightness to any room in the house. If you were to use these materials in a much larger project, it may overpower the room. Why not add some extra girl power in your home by using these Frida prints which are now available in a heavier canvas cotton? We never shy away from using a Frida print wherever possible...
Frida's garden fabric upcycling    Frida Love Print
Switch up your lampshades
Another great upcycling project which you need to try out is re-covering lamp shades. As a warning, from experience it can be a bit fiddly to do, but the results are just so worth it. We have been inspired by another one of very clever customers again via instagram @brighter_makes who whipped up this delightful new lamp shade from one of our Orla Kiely prints.
Orla Kiely fabric green    Orla Kiely upcycled lampshade
If this project has inspired you, we have plenty of other great designer prints that would work brilliantly in a lampshade. We think the key here is to find a vertical print which gives it a smart finish. Having said that, the Cath Kidston Dinosaur fabric would make a really super cool lampshade for anyone’s bedroom. Let’s be honest, good lighting is often hard to come by, so once you have it you should never take it for granted.
Cath Kidston dinosaur fabric
Don’t forget about cream boucle
I’m sure you remember when the whole world started going crazy for cream boucle last summer. As a full disclaimer, this material’s primary use is for warm, cosy clothing, but now its uses have exploded in the home furnishing world. It’s now being used for all sorts, sofas, headboards, and we don't think there is a type of chair left that hasn’t been re-covered in bouclé - which isn’t a bad thing, as it looks great!
Cream boucle fabric    Upcycled dining chairs using cream boucle
Boucle pillows in pink and cream
You only need to look at our instagram feed @fabricsgalorelondon if you aren’t following already) to see some really incredible examples of what this fabric can do. For example, these dining room chairs by studiogem_  are just so chic and look so cool.
Naturally, the great news is that we have this material back in stock, so if you fancy getting ready for the colder months with a cosy up-cycling project we are ready for you. But if you are slightly concerned that you don’t have a lifestyle suitable for cream furniture, don’t worry, as we have plenty of other colours for you to choose from. You can find the perfect shade of fabric to match any room and still give you the warm, cosy feeling you want from our boucle collection.
charcoal and cream boucle fabric    Charcoal boucle fabric
Re-cover your headboard
Another great project to add to your list is to re-cover your headboard. This will make a dramatic difference to any bedroom and totally change the vibe. This would be a great option for anyone who is missing the luxury of occasionally staying in a hotel, so why not take a look at our wonderful herringbone upholstery fabrics? They would be perfect to use for a chic new headboard, the only other thing you need for this project is a staple gun, oh and maybe a strong pair of hands.
    charcoal herringbone fabric    Herringbone driftwood furnishing fabric
Take advantage of deadstock fabric
If you are looking to upcycle anything, furnishing or dressmaking pieces, you should always remember to take advantage of deadstock fabrics. But what is deadstock fabric, you may ask? Deadstock refers to leftover stock of a product, and here at Fabrics Galore, we have a wide range of deadstock material which will help you complete your upcycling sewing projects with our end of line materials and prints. We rescue these deadstock fabrics rather than throwing them away and allow our customers to buy discounted fabrics for a great price, but still the high-quality products we are known for.
About Fabrics Galore
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