The Best Winter Fabrics to Keep us Cosy and Warm

The Best Winter Fabrics to Keep us Cosy and Warm

In recent years one of the few comforts in life has been being able to wear the most comfortable clothes all day, all week and for most of the year. But if you are still struggling to find out which are the best winter fabrics for maximum cosy comfort, we have decided for you – make way for jersey, brushed cotton and fleece fabric. Jersey moves with the body and blimey is it soft, whereas some say brushed cotton is like a fine cashmere. Fleece is a lightweight, warm fabric which you can easily throw on over your jersey or brushed cotton layers for maximum cosiness.


These sorts of decisions are also important when considering what to make your pyjamas from, by the way.  Fun fact, the word pyjama comes from Hindi “pa” meaning leg and “jamah” meaning garment. If you are yet to be convinced, we have written all you need to know to persuade you which are the best winter fabrics to keep us cosy and warm.


How Brushed Cotton Keeps You Warm


Best winter fabrics brushed cotton


Now we all know that during the winter months you cannot beat a warm pair of brushed cotton or flannel pyjamas or even better bed sheets. But have you ever wondered why? Well, you know us - we at Fabrics Galore are always keen to help with fun facts for your next dinner party; so we have looked into it for you. 

Brushed Cotton (unlike other cottons such as poplin) has raised fluffy fibres which trap air particles in between creating great insulation properties and making them super cosy and warm. 


But hang on a minute, also what is the difference between a brushed cotton and a flannel we hear you ask?  Well to create the raised fluffy fibres previously mentioned the cotton is brushed, now on a brushed cotton that only happens on the face of the fabric but on a flannel fabric, it is done on both sides. Meaning that a brushed cotton is slightly more breathable whereas the flannel is slightly thicker. 


So, this is why brushed cotton makes perfect pyjamas, but not only that a brushed cotton shirt frankly should never be out of anyone’s wardrobe. The cosiness means it could be the second most hard-working item of clothing in a man’s wardrobe (after jeans naturally). Working perfectly with everything from jeans and t-shirts right the way through to a winter suit. 


But for women not only is a brushed cotton shirt a handy piece but what about a lovely dress to carry the cosines to maybe a party (remember them….) We were thinking the Merchant and Mills Dress Shirt would be perfect for a brushed cotton teamed with chunky boots and layers of knitwear. 


Merchant & Mills Dress Shirt Pattern

Merchant & Mills Dress Shirt Pattern



Is Jersey a Winter fabric?


Jersey Fabric



Now we all knew that brushed cotton makes good cosy loungewear and sleepwear, but have you ever thought about jersey as cracking alternative? It has many properties perfect for cosiness. 

Knit fabrics like jersey are a great option because it’s soft, warm and has stretch. Meaning it’s great for kids as they can pull all sorts of shapes as they lounge.

The knit properties also mean any pyjamas you make will be nice and snug so no nasty drafts as you try and get a good night’s sleep. But the extra bonus of jersey sleep wear is that it can double up as some loungewear for those days that a tight waistband can wait or when you want to go from working from home to a bit of yoga without having to change outfit. 

That is before we get to the fun print options that comes with Jersey, our jersey collection is packed with options from leopard print to pandas, space craft to florals. We have a slightly (read big) hankering for a pair of leggings in a mini leopard print….


Our jersey prints really lend themselves to some super cute kiddies’ pyjamas and with their added stretch are perfect for children on the move (aren’t they always?). And you can mix and match with some cute illustrations and maybe some stripes too for a multi-purpose pyjama set. If you were looking for a pattern you cannot go wrong with a Baby/Child PJ set by Style arc. 


The Foldline PJ Pattern


Now although we have spoken at length about the joys of jersey fabric for sleepwear, we should add the huge advantages of jersey for additional cosy layers during the winter months. We all need extra long-sleeved tops in the cooler winter months and jersey is the perfect thing for those. For many reasons, it’s not too bulky so you can slip it on under other clothing, the stretch means it stays close to the body for extra warmth and they are so pretty that if you become warm enough to shed a layer, you show them off too. 


Our pointelle range is the perfect for any layering tops with the pretty, subtle floral pattern meaning any top made from them would be the prettiest thermal. 


Pointelle Fabric 


But hey here is an idea, why not combine the two: a lovely cosy pair of pyjama bottoms with a more fitted jersey top, perfect for sleeping and lounging around your home whilst keeping extra warm. Oh, but then on top a brushed cotton dressing gown. Oooph you’d never want to get dressed again.  


Why is Fleece fabric so Good in Winter?


Fleece Fabric


Although fleece fabric might not be as warm as wool, if it gets wet it dries off super-fast whereas wet wool not only makes you smell like a wet dog but drags you down with the weight and takes ages to dry. Fleece fabric has raised fibres on both sides which means it can trap lots of air particles, keeping you warm in the process. And polar fleece is even better as it has anti-pill properties and is highly durable so makes an excellent outer layer such as a fleece jacket. And with our minds always on the environment, don’t forget to wash your fleece garments in a special bag to prevent microplastic pollution in our waterways.


Our range of polar fleece fabrics would be perfect for these children’s fleece tops.


The Foldline McCalls Children's Hoodie and Trousers

The Foldline McCalls Child's Hoodie and Trousers Pattern


Find the Best Winter Fabrics to Keep you Warm

At Fabrics Galore, we have a huge range of jersey fabrics, brushed cotton and flannel fabrics and fleece fabric, all perfectly curated to keep you warm and cosy in these winter months. Baby, it might be cold outside but boy are we going to be warm and snuggly in these winter fabrics.

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