The Key Spring Summer Dressmaking Trends for 2022

The Key Spring Summer Dressmaking Trends for 2022

On a grey day, one of the only thing we can do is look forward to warmer weather and the LONG-awaited return of the summer holiday (fingers crossed); that being said, what on earth should we be making on the sewing machine to make sure we look bang on trend? Well, Fabrics Galore is here to help, we have sifted through the trends to find the more accessible Spring Summer 2022 colours and fashion items that we are keen to get on board with (no one needs a sheer trend really, do they?)


Head to Toe White

Nothing, we repeat, NOTHING will make you feel more instantly summery and frankly sophisticated than a head to two white outfit. This is a huge trend for spring/summer 2022 and we hate to brag but we have some great white dressmaking fabrics. Our personal faves include the White Seersucker stripe, perfect for light-weight tops or for a pair of sophisticated wide legged trousers which would have the added bonus of feeling like pyjama bottoms. Or what about a floaty dress in one of our white double gauzes, again perfect for lounging around in and keeping cool. Now all you have to do is avoid any spillages…..


White seersucker stripe fabric    White double gauze fabric


If head to two white seems frankly too frightening for you, it’s an easy trend to nod to without having to commit too greatly. Everyone needs a simple white top, and we have our eye very much on the Cielo Top by Closet Core Patterns. Super simple and perfect for beginners but would also look marvellous in any crispy white cotton for teaming with jeans or smarter work trousers. But if you are feeling brave there is always the dress option.


Cielo Top Pattern

The Foldline Cielo Top and Dress


The other key thing to white clothes is to make sure you have a great lining, and so this seems like the perfect time to mention our new range of super high quality anti-static linings





In our heads gingham frankly never goes out of fashion, but the best way to wear it this summer is in a loose, comfy buffet dress or maybe for the more adventurous how about using our furnishing ones for a bang on trend mini skirt (well not that mini)? If the mini skirt is your vibe, why not make it from a darker version, ideal for teaming with tights now, making it an excellent trans-seasonal piece and more sustainable with more wear. 


But back to the buffet dress, we were thinking of maybe mixing the ginghams using a smaller and a bigger one to make a real statement piece to wear summer after summer. Bright colours are also going to be big this summer, (we will get to that in a moment), so we are thinking of teaming the two sunshine yellow ginghams to make something really special. 


Large yellow gingham fabric     Yellow small gingham fabric


Not sure what a buffet dress is, well the Wilder Gown by Friday Pattern Company is the perfect one - loose, floaty and light, perfect for the hopeful heat wave and perfect for mixing ginghams.


Buffet Dress in White

The Foldline Wilder Gown


Statement Shirts

Now if you have seen us at any shows around the country you will know that our Paul loves a statement shirt, and that we at Fabrics Galore have a lot of time for a statement pattern so what a winner that we can combo the two. We cannot mention a statement shirt without mentioning Alexander Henry and especially the Frida Kahlo prints. Surely the best part of making your own clothes is that you can make something truly unique and incorporating some Alexander Henry would really do that. 


Alexander Henry Statement Shirt Fabric

But if the Alexander Henry fabrics aren’t quite your thing, then maybe you need to check out our novelty fabrics as there is something for everyone - Lobsters, Jungle Prints, Leopard Prints or maybe even some Elton John style spectacles.


Denim Dresses


Denim a bit like Gingham is always in fashion but recently Denim Dresses have taken the focus rather than jeans, which from a dressmaking perspective is slightly less daunting. The other great thing about this trend is, you could whip up a little denim dress now and team it with tights or until the days get longer. Another tick in the sustainability box.


Denim Fabric


Our denim collection not only boasts the classic blue options but our stretch denims also come in a variety of colours if you wanted to make something a bit different. Not only that, it will introduce you to Hickory stripes which are basically striped denim, again perfect if you wanted to make something a bit different.


We have been putting our heads together at Fabrics Galore Headquarters and think the best options for denim dresses are either a pinafore dress or the ever chic shirt dress. The pinafore has many different variations depending on your sewing experience, a favourite that we mentioned in our Newsletter a few weeks ago is the Katy Pinafore by Field Work Patterns which looks great in the denim.

The other great advantage of a pinafore is you can make it now and team it with a chunky knit and some tights, then wear with just a t-shirt in the summer. 


Katey Pinafore Dress

The Katy Pinafore Dress


Bright Colours


Now we have spoken before about Green is gonna’ be big in everything, especially interiors but bright colours are going to be everywhere in fashion as well and our favourites are Lilac and Orange. These can seem really daunting to wear but we think it can be done. 


  • Wordle Green

Yes, you better believe it, bright green currently referred to as Wordle green has touched our clothes as well as our interiors. Surprisingly flattering and not too shouty, head over to our batik range for a beautifully bold and bright leaf print.


Green Leaf Batik Fabric 

  • Orange


Now this might seem a really difficult trend, but you only need a touch of it, and not only will you be so 2022 but it will also make you happy. Now we have mentioned it before, but miniskirts are making a comeback too so why not blend the two trends together, and we have always said our cotton panamas although supposedly for furnishing can be used for skirts. With our new environmentally conscious perspective again, a little skirt made from our Spice Cotton Panama would work well with brown boots and tights too. 


Orange cotton panama fabric    Dressmaking washed linen orange

Furnishing Panama Spice Orange and Dressmaking Washed Linen Zesty Orange


However, if you are thinking more of a full-on summer dress, you cannot go wrong with an orange linen wrap around dress, the colour somehow doesn’t seem so daunting. Linen is also always a great summer fabric and will last for years, becoming a summer staple. 


  • Purple

Purple has many different shades from Violet to Lilac. But our nod to the trend would be a simple slip dress in our drapey linen viscose antique floral with its deep purple flowers, which would also look great even if our summer isn’t as great sunny as we hope. 


Purple Floral Viscose Linen Mix fabric

Drapey Linen Viscose Antique Floral Taupe


But if that level of drape might be slightly frightening, an easier fabric that still has a little bit of float is the Linen and Viscose mix Countryside Garden. The shade of navy mixed with purple and pink flowers makes the trend of purple more accessible because we all know you cannot go wrong with navy.  


Linen Viscose Lady Bug meadow cream

Linen Viscose Mix Lady Bird Meadow Cream


Tie Dye


Remember we told you that Alexander McQueen sent models down the catwalk in tie-dye dresses? Well, we recreated the look in the shop using our Indigo tie-dye double gauze and frankly we can’t wait to make it at home.


Indigo tie dye double gauze

Indigo Tie-Dye Double Gauze 



Shop our new Spring Summer Dressmaking 2022 fabrics


Hopefully we’ve given you inspiration from our insight into the key Spring Summer Dressmaking trends in 2022 but as always you will find all the latest dressmaking fabrics in our New In collection. Or simply call us on 0207 738 9589  for advice on what fabrics will work for your summer dressmaking projects.
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