The Tie-Dye Trend and The Best Fabrics for Natural Dyes

The Tie-Dye Trend and The Best Fabrics for Natural Dyes

As spring is well and truly upon us, and summer is fast approaching, it’s time to start embracing some of the new trends of the season. Two of the trends to emerge over the last 18 months have been both tie-dye and natural dying. If you are looking to try out these trends in your makes it is very possible to do so, but before you make a start on a tie-dye project you need a great base cloth. Luckily, here at Fabrics Galore we have got some great options so read on to discover the best fabrics for natural dyes.


Firstly, how do you make the dye?


You can make natural dyes with almost anything, from avocados to onions, even including nettles, cabbages or acorns. Strangely, avocados make the prettiest pink and if you don't eat them very often you can save both the skins and the pips (you need both for the best colour) in the freezer until you have enough. One of the most popular options is just using food colouring, which is then mixed with water. You’ve got the option to choose between countless different colours and you can be creative with your pattern choices, from mandalas, spirals, kaleidoscope patterns or even a classic ombré! The possibilities are endless with this fun, tie-dye trend.


The obvious choice: calico fabric

 Calico fabric for tie-dye    Posh cotton calico for tie-dye

The most obvious choice of fabric is, of course, calico. This material is a great choice for the tie-dye trend as it's made from unbleached and undyed cotton, being plain-woven and taken straight from the loom, which means it absorbs dye really well. At Fabrics Galore, we have a range of calico fabrics for you to choose from, including a more basic and a posh option, which would both give the same lovely natural texture.


Why not try linen, cotton or wool?

Twill wool for tie-dye    Boiled wool cream for tie-dye


Each of these natural fibres would be perfect for any tie-dye project. Linen and cotton are a go-to and are certainly the right materials for the job. They are very strong and resilient materials, so any garments you create will last a long time; linen is also fairly resistant to fading and pilling. However, if you are looking to design something more luxurious, wool would be an ideal option. Across the Fabrics Galore website we have a variety of gorgeous cream wools which could do with a splash of colour to brighten them up.


What about a tie-dye furnishing project?


You can also use hand dyed fabrics for furnishing projects, like making cushions to liven up your interior. A top tip for these types of projects: if the dye doesn’t go quite right, you can just cut around it - no one has to know! If you want to make something fun for your home, our cotton panama fabric would give the same natural texture as the calico but would be strong enough for any furnishing or bag project. Making cushions and bags using tie-dye techniques is such a fun project, but can also be designed in many shapes and sizes, so you can really have fun with it. 

Loomstate cotton panama for tie-dye


Would you rather buy a pre-made tie-dye fabric?


Tie-dye is such a huge fashion trend at the moment, but if you don’t fancy the peril of trying it for yourself we have you covered as well. Whether it be for dressmaking, where we have a lovely tie-dye viscose or if you are looking for some patchwork options, we have a lovely range of batiks, which have many colours available, whilst still maintaining the tie-dye aesthetic, and there is a whole collection of them to browse through!

Tie-dye viscose dressmaking    Batik dressmaking


Would you like to buy the best fabrics for tie dyeing?


At Fabrics Galore, we have a variety of gorgeous materials available which are perfect for tie dye projects. To understand the fabrics, we have available in more detail, feel free to contact a member of our team who would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. No matter what project you would like to work on, we are here to inspire our customers to be creative and produce new, imaginative designs.

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