Interiors Trends 2023

The Top Interiors Trends for 2023

There are two ways that the interiors trends are going this year, one is by adding pops of bright colour to lift our moods and the other is to create a cocoon of comfort with natural tones reflecting our need for a calm and tranquil environment.

The Colour Trends of The Year 2023

Etsy has named its two colours of the year: Indigo and Honeycomb, which provide both a modern confidence and light when applied to interiors. 



Indigo Blue Furnishing Fabrics

Indigo Blue Furnishing Fabrics


Indigo is the brighter more saturated shade of blue and it represents confidence, vivacity, wisdom and intuition. It works well with other bright colours but not only that, it can really pop when mixed with a monochrome pallet too. Moving toward indigo blue replaces the teal blue which has been big for the last few years. If a yellow is not quite your thing, indigo blue looks amazing with a splash of orange. 

Honeycomb Yellow


Yellow Furnishing fabrics

Honeycomb Yellow Furnishing Fabrics

Etsy has predicted that honeycomb yellow will be big in 2023 as it instantly warms up a room and can be slipped into many colour combinations via soft furnishings like cushions. Warm tones are the order of the day for 2023, and so this shade of yellow is deeper than the brighter yellows associated with the summer. Earthy tones like this darker yellow work well in period properties as it enhances the historical feeling and has been used for centuries.

Match our brushed panama weave in chartreuse yellow with Orla Kiely Climbing Daisy in Cream or Dandelion Heads to add warmth.


Yellow furnishing fabric    Orla Kiely Climbing Daisy Fabric


Yellow Dandelion Furnishing fabric




Pantone Colour of the Year: Viva Magenta


Magenta Pink Furnishing Fabrics

Magenta Furnishing Fabrics

Viva Magenta has been named the Pantone colour of the year which is described as a balance between warm and cool whilst being a symbol of living in a physical and digital world. Although the Magenta might make you think this is a pink tone, the base of it is in the reds; it goes well with natural wood and like indigo really pops when teamed with a monochrome palette, we have also seen it mixed with sage green adding a warmth and softness. It has been called an unconventional shade for an unconventional time, it has deep roots with nature and is a new sign on strength. 

You will find this shade in our furnishing wool from Abraham Moon and a slightly brighter hue in our furnishing faux suede:


Deep Pink Furnishing Wool Fabric    Pink Faux Suede Furnishing Fabric



Interiors Trend for 2023: Comfortcore

    The 2020s so far have not been filled with comfort and the continuing “unprecedented times” have led to Comfortcore being a big trend in interiors according to Wayfair. One of the ways to bring this into our homes is by layering different textures like velvets, bouclé and furs.

    Now we have been seeing Bouclé covered furnishings since 2020, but that is just one texture you can use to create comfort. Other fabrics to bring some softness to your home are velvets, faux fur and linen; the key to Comfortcore is layering up the different textures to make a cosy feeling. 

    But Comfortcore doesn’t just mean adding things to make it look comfortable but it's also about making things comfortable. This means creating soft seats and lovely things to snuggle up under. So chairs get more padding to create a more plush seating situation, possibly a result of us all working from home more. But with the cost of living crisis ramping up, it may also be the time to make cosy blankets to make more layers of textures on your bed but also for warmth. Simple quilting can be made with a polar fleece backing for another layer of warmth too. 


    Interiors Trend for 2023: Curves

    Interiors trends aren’t just about colours and textures this year but also the shapes, and to continue the softness with comfort trends, we are looking for more circular and curved shapes. Now this doesn’t just have to be in our vases, or more solid parts of the home, how about mixing in some circular cushions in your bedroom or living room?

    This is a lovely round cushion pattern from Hobbycraft:


    Round cushion pattern from Hobbycraft


    Bouclé has been used a lot for various up-cycling projects which have been all over Instagram, and we noticed that the shapes are getting far more circular too. Just look at this great bouclé stool. 


    DIY Round Bouclé Stool


    Interiors Trend for 2023: Traditional Arts and Crafts

    We have started to see a return to more traditional arts and crafts too, again creating layers of textures with Art Deco inspired 1930’s aesthetics and patterns. A great nod to this trend would be our Art Deco furnishing fabrics which are both great for a feminine bedroom as well as smart enough to add pops of colour to a living room.


    Art Deco Furnishing Fabric    Art Deco Furnishing Fabric
    Art Deco Fans and Art Deco Print Tapestry Fabric


    But this trend isn’t just about the patterns and colours, but about adding a bit more - we are of course talking about fringes and tassels. Now we may not be big on tassels but gosh, do we love a pom pom, this is a great way again of adding a small pop of colour to any room without it needed to be a big change or dominating the room. 


    Discover all the Furnishing Fabrics to Recreate the 2023 Interiors Trends

    We hope you enjoyed our dip into the key Interiors Trends for 2023. Whichever trend you want to recreate, rest assured that you will find the perfect fabric in our carefully curated range of furnishing fabrics . From UK designer furnishing fabrics like Orla Kiely and Cath Kidston, to French design house Maison Thevenon as well as all our other high quality, great value fabrics, you will find everything you need to update your interiors this year. 

    Feature Image Credit: Woman and Home

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