Uplifting Blues in Your Home Décor?

Uplifting Blues in Your Home Décor?

Another slow burn trend that has been creeping up on us over the last few months has been using blues in home decorating. Let's be honest, everyone loves at least one shade of blue and the possibilities are endless. Whilst all homeowners will have slightly different tastes, and everyone will have individual preferences in terms of design, it is fair to say that at least one shade of blue will find a space in your home. Everything from deep navy to pretty pale cornflower blue, there is something for everyone, so you are almost certain to find the right shade for your home’s interior. Read on to discover the best blue fabrics to use in your home décor.

Design a gorgeous headboard for your bedroom

Blue home furnishing tie-dye fabric    Blue home furnishing straight tie -dye
Starting in the bedroom, the team here at Fabrics Galore headquarters have been thinking about how great these indigo tie-dye inspired prints would look when used as a headboard. They would give a lovely bohemian edge to any room and wouldn’t overpower the space with blue if you already have a variety of colours in there already. A headboard can be a wonderful, luxurious addition to your room's decor, so why not create your own?

Cushions and curtains

Navy velvet home furnishing    Navy herringbone furnishing fabric
Blue is also a great way of adding texture and we have a few different options from velvets to a navy herringbone for you to choose from. The navy velvet would add softness to any home furnishing project, whether it be some scatter cushions or some glamorous curtains. Alternatively, the herringbone adds some great texture to any room, but also a touch of rustic charm. With a dreamy, modern, feel to these colours, cushions and curtains can create a cosy, welcoming environment, reflecting your own stylish and sophisticated nature in your home.

Remember, blue isn’t always masculine

Orla Kiely Blue floral furnishing fabric  Blue birds furnishing fabric   Navy and gold leopard fabric
Blue doesn’t always have to be masculine or plain; it can work really well with some prettier patterns such as florals or animal prints. Using a dark navy makes the different colours really pop and adds a certain touch of sophistication. Especially the ‘Leopards on the Prowl’ fabric with those flashes of gold. But if you are looking for something slightly prettier and more feminine, then look how marvellous a cornflower blue looks with pops of pink?
Blue floral furnishing fabric    Blue floral linen look fabric

Red and navy: the perfect colour combination

Red and navy is a classic combination in everything from clothing to furnishing. Imagine how great a blind would look in a classic dark navy with a pop of red stripe as a border? Maybe even with a pom-pom - perfect for a children’s bedroom? It’s a colour combination that has proven itself to be consistently on-trend for many years, in so many different ways.
Red ticking stripe fabric   Navy furnishing fabric   Red pom-pom trim

 Duck egg blue

Now, so far, we may have focused slightly too much on the navy side of the blue-spectrum, but never fear, we have something slightly different to share with you. If ‘duck egg blue’ is more your kind of blue, we still have some great options - especially if you are looking for a traditional “Cottagecore” vibe or wanting to pop some cool prettiness into your home. One of the great things about using a cooler shade of blue is how these shades tend to recede in a room, so they help to keep a space larger or open feeling, so they’re a great option for a smaller bedroom or living room.
Gingham furnishing fabric duck egg blue    Home Furnishing leaves duck egg blue

Would you like to buy home furnishing fabrics from Fabrics Galore?

Here at Fabrics Galore, we have been stocking the highest quality fabrics since our store first opened over 25 years ago, including a wonderful range of blue home furnishing fabrics. If you are interested in learning more about our fabric collections and want to try out the blue home decor trend, please call us on 020 7738 9589, and we would be happy to assist.
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