2018 at Fabrics Galore

2018 at Fabrics Galore

2018 Fabrics Galore

Wowzers, 2018 is nearly coming to an end and what a year it's been at Fabrics Galore from the highs of reaching 10k followers on Instagram to the lows of Paul’s Ugly Shirt Challenge. We have been busy going to 16 different shows throughout the year.


Our suppliers have brought some real fabric classics across each of our departments of dress making, quilting and soft furnishing. Our team even had a slight change at the end of the year with us saying goodbye to one Saturday Girl.
2018 was also the year that we stepped up our window displays, which started in Spring and our team are already planning the next one for the new year, which is exciting and we hope we can continue it into 2019.
Our website is going from strength to strength, with Annabelle only just recovered from Black Friday. This year we have added even more fabrics to the website, so the range goes from basics like Calico all the way to super exciting finds like the Liberty Sweatshirting.
We are constantly trying to find the next super exciting fabric and this year we think we have done that; whether it’s in the dress making fabrics where we have expanded our drape section in particular to the soft furnishing department which has seen the additions of lovely plains as well as some great illustrated fabrics.
The drape section has grown quite significantly over the last 12months, with us hunting out some amazing prints; although a few sold out over the summer current staff faves included the Leopard Prints and Alicia Crepe which has been made into a lovely dress sample too.

2018 Fabrics Galore

The plain soft furnishing has been a real hit, with us re-ordering a few times over the year as well as expanding the range so that it includes a beautiful bright coral colour. These obviously worked during the summer, when we were enjoying that fantastic long heatwave but now as that seems like a distant memory the darker colours like the classic navy are proving just as popular.

2018 Fabrics Galore Red Fabric

2018 Fabrics Galore Blue Fabric

2018 will also be remembered as the year of Frida Kahlo, already a shop favourite and an icon with the V&A Making Her Self Up exhibition running and then being extended, she has become even more popular. In case you missed the exhibition but fancy reading up on her life we wrote a blog about her too. Although Frida’s Garden in cream sold out, we still have a few left including another staff favourite Frida’s Cactus Flower in Red.

2018 Fabrics Galore

Going to 16 shows this year has created an awful lot of memories for the FG team, but the one that really sticks in our mind is the Knitting and Stitching Show in March at Olympia. No one quite expected the freezing weather and snow that came that week, making an already busy week that bit harder for us. But the other 15 shows were slightly more what we have come to expect, hard work, a good laugh and a wonderful chance to meet our customers (who it must be said continue to be an absolute delight). I won't lie, we are already cutting the fat quarters for next year's shows…….
The shop content is constantly changing with fabric coming and going but the staff have also slightly changed this year, as after a great three years our Saturday Girl Steph has moved on. Steph was a great addition to the team, and as Head Saturday Girl I have had a great time working with her and she will be missed. However we now have another, Charlotte, who has already proved a great addition to the team in a very short period of time.
Our windows also took centre stage in 2018 with us dusting off the paint brushes and working to create two really fun and detailed window displays. Our first one in May was a real hit with our shop customers featuring two hammocks and a selection of cushion to really show off all our different soft furnishing fabrics including the very pretty Fans fabric. Then September saw us preparing for Autumn with our great Umbrellas window, which showed off some of the newer Alexander Henry fabrics, and has now been slightly tweaked to celebrate the festive period.

2018 Fabrics Galore Store Front

So from everyone at Fabrics Galore, thank you for being such lovely customers whether it be in the shop, at the shows or just online. Thank you for keeping us busy, and getting as excited by fabric as we do.
See you all next year, gotta go and cut some more fat quarters ready for Farnham……….


The timeless nature of Liberty prints is shown in the fact that they are still produced and just as popular today. Here’s a look at some of their most famous designs…

2018 Fabrics Galore Hera


This print, which comes in several colours, was designed in 1887, one of the oldest Liberty designs which is still in production. It is Liberty’s iconic peacock feather. Birds were hugely popular motifs in the Aesthetic Movement of the late 19th century. It is called Hera after the Greek goddess who is associated with the peacock.

2018 Fabrics Galore Ianthe


Another trademark Liberty print which was concocted by French Art Noveau designer, R. Beauclair, at the turn of the century. It has since been slightly altered but retains the huge Art Nouveau influence. Ianthe is the Greek God of violets, so one may infer that the original designs was based on violets. The print was revived by Liberty later in the 20th century and brought back into production and has since become a print they are deeply associated with. This design also went on to influence Liberty’s Iphis print.

2018 Fabrics Galore Michelle


This floral is a slightly later addition to Liberty’s huge collection of prints. It was developed from an archive design dated 1933 by an artist who had drawn other prints for the house. It is a typical Liberty floral, delicate and detailed with vivid colours. You can order the Michelle Liberty Art fabric online.

2018 Fabrics Galore Lord Paisley


This ornate paisley print was based on a scarf from the 1950s. Liberty redesigned it in house for the Spring/Summer of 2007.

Take a closer look at the Lord Paisley Red Liberty Art fabric from above.

Fabrics Galore also stocks this beautiful Blues Lord Paisley fabric from Liberty.


Liberty has always collaborated with brilliant people to create even more brilliant designs. Most famously they took on William Morris, whose name is now interwoven with Liberty’s history. One of the most famous prints to come from this collaboration was Strawberry Thief. This print was designed in 1883 by Morris, part of a large group of designs which feature animals and flowers, both popular motifs in the Arts and Crafts Movement which Morris was heavily involved with.

Make sure to browse the freshly updated Liberty fabrics collection!

2018 Fabrics Galore

Since they have collaborated with everyone from Vivienne Westwood and House of Hackney to Hello Kitty, and most recently they launched a sleepwear collection with singer-songwriter Florence Welch! Liberty is a company with a rich history, whose legacy continues to thrill and excite people not only in Britain, but all over the world.

Fabrics Galore can cater to all your dressmaking and quilting needs when you visit our online fabric shop.

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