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3 Reasons to Choose Cotton as Your Patchwork Fabric

patchwork fabric

Patchworking is the form of sewing or needlework that involves sewing pieces of fabric together to create a larger design or pattern. Patchworking remains an incredibly popular hobby, and trends evolve all the time as there are so many different designs you can create with a variety of patterns and patchwork fabric. If ever there was a year to take up patchwork as a hobby, 2020 was it! 

Trends this year included straight line quilting, curved seams and seventies colour schemes. As more people take up crafting hobbies than ever before, patchwork quilts last a lifetime and are the perfect gift for a loved one, as there are so many ways you can personalise a quilt for the recipient. 

The patchwork technique has been used for generations, often when reusing scraps of fabrics to either create another garment or extend the life of an existing one. It’s a household hobby and usually done by hand, rather than in a commercial setting. For this reason, cotton is often used for patchworking, as it’s easy to work with and creates a lovely finish - but what are some of the other reasons to choose cotton as yourpatchwork fabric

High quality 

patchwork cotton lawn fabric

Cotton is a high-quality fabric, which is stable and does not fray easily. As you want your creation to last for years to come, it is important to choose a very durable material - such as cotton - as this is going to ensure its longevity.Cotton lawns are also an excellent choice for patchwork projects, as despite being a slightly thinner material, they are still incredibly strong. Luckily, we have a lovely range of different cotton lawns for you to choose from on our website. All of our fabrics are chosen with our customers in mind, so you can invest in a long-lasting, cost-effective patchwork fabric that would be the perfect addition to your final design. 

Ease of use and Care

Unlike some other patchwork fabrics, cotton is easy to work with for beginner patchwork enthusiasts; it’s also very easy to care for and extremely low maintenance. Cotton has a high tensile strength, making it strong, durable and less likely to rip or tear. The material is easy to maintain and won’t discolour, no matter how many washes you put it through, so you can invest in a long-lasting, cost-effective material that you will love for years to come. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about odours, stains or marks spoiling your creation, as you can easily wash it without the worry of damaging the design. 

Plenty of designs to choose from

patchwork designs
One of the amazing things about patchworking is how creative you can be with the design. We believe there is nothing better than creating a vibrant and unique patchwork design, and when using cotton, you have an enormous choice of different designs and patterns to incorporate into the final patchwork piece. With cotton fabric sold by the half metre, and a fabulous selection in ourNovelty section, you can choose as many designs as you want to create the perfect patchwork creation. From cats, toChristmas prints, to spots and stripes, there truly is something for everyone. With our range of fabric prints, you can easily create the design of your dreams to pass down from generation to generation. 

Would you like to buy patchwork fabric? 

Here at Fabrics Galore we have such an extensive collection of patchwork fabrics for you to choose from. Our patchwork fabrics can even be used to make most dressmaking projects, anything from a top, dress and even a lightweight jacket. However, if you would like to learn more about ourcotton fabric, and what projects you can try, you are more than welcome to telephone us on 020 7738 9589. By signing up to our free newsletter, we can also provide you with regular email updates about all our latest fabrics here at Fabrics Galore.



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