A Guide To The Different Types Of Cotton Fabric

A Guide To The Different Types Of Cotton Fabric

A Guide To The Different Types Of Cotton Fabric

In the fabrics and crafts industry, cotton is an all-round favourite which is available in various textures and thickness. Its high tensile strength makes it strong, durable and less likely to rip or tear. It washes and dries easily and may be washed repeatedly as needed. But with so many different types of cotton fabric to choose from, it can be difficult making a final decision. So, to help you, the team at Fabrics Galore have put this guide together on the different types of cotton fabric. 

Cotton lawn

cotton fabricCotton lawn fabric is a thin, relatively sheer, high thread count cotton fabric which is made by using a tight weave, but with a finer thread. This is what creates the buttery smooth surface texture it is well-known for, making it perfect for clothes, blouses, skirts and other clothing pieces for the warmer months. So, if you are looking to sew a lightweight maxi dress, or a gorgeous summer blouse, cotton lawn may seem like a rather obvious choice for your dressmaking project. 

Cotton jersey fabric

cotton fabricKnown for its stretchiness and softness, cotton jersey fabric is a staple to make your favourite cotton tee-shirts. It’s a very low maintenance fabric which is incredibly soft and is made up of predominantly cotton with some elastane. One of the huge benefits of using jersey fabric is its versatility as it can be worked into most dressmaking projects - from breathable summer tops to base layers for the winter months - it can be used for almost anything. 

Cotton poplin

cotton fabricThis plain-weave cotton fabric is a light weight fabric which can be used to make a variety of clothing items that you can wear all year. It is often used in men’s shirts as it is soft and light weight and relatively crease free. It is also used in women’s dressmaking as well as sportswear and raincoats - so its popularity is hardly surprising. Cotton poplin is known for its distinctive ribbed texture and tightly closed weave, which makes it very lightweight but still retains its strength. Poplin has always been a staple fabric for its versatility, as it is a comfortable but stylish fabric for all manner of casual and formal wear. 


With a softer and thinner texture than denim, woven with a coloured yarn in the warp and a white yarn in the weft,  chambray is a widely used fabric for all kinds of clothing. It is available in different colours, but is often light blue in colour, which is where it gets its similarity to denim. This makes it perfect for the summer months, as you can still get the look of denim in your clothing - from men’s and women’s shirting to lightweight dresses - but without being weighed down. Stylish, flattering, and quick to sew, chambray is the perfect material for any summer dressmaking project. 

Brushed cotton

brushed cotton fabricBrushed cotton is a combination of various fabric structures, creating a soft and smooth finish which is extremely comfortable on the skin without any itchiness. This fabric’s breathability helps to reduce sweat and is perfect for a variety of dressmaking, patchworking and quilting projects. It is a popular fabric choice for making kids’ winter pyjamas. Due to its exceptional insulation capabilities, brushed cotton is ideal to wear during changeable weather conditions throughout autumn, or just before the sun comes out in spring. It provides protection against wind chill, but it doesn’t make you feel overheated. 

Cotton drill

This durable fabric is known for being a very dense, strong, medium to heavy weight fabric which is a popular choice for uniforms and work clothes. It’s very similar to the texture and diagonal weave of denim, but is usually dyed and has a smoother appearance, making it perfect for all sorts of garments - including tailored and casual designs. It is easy and comfortable to wear, and its use has become progressively more stylish and contemporary. 

Seersucker fabric

If you are looking for a lightweight cotton fabric that never needs ironing, seersucker cotton is the perfect choice for you. It originated in India and is commonly used to make shirts, shorts and even suits best suited for warm weather, being both light, breathable and durable. As the uneven slightly puckered texture causes the fabric to sit away from the skin, it allows for air circulation, making it ideal for the warmer months - as well as activewear. Check out the Fabrics Galore range of classic gingham seersucker fabrics

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