A Guide To The Different Uses Of Fleece Fabric

A Guide To The Different Uses Of Fleece Fabric

fleece fabric

Generally made from polyester but with different fabric compositions available, fleece fabric is one of the most popular fabrics in the dressmaking and quilting world. There are so many different uses for this material, especially for the winter months, when we all want to keep warm.

Fleece is a soft and inexpensive alternative to wool, so it is the best budget friendly fabric choice when it comes to designing warmer garments or bed covers. From clothing to quilt backing to jacket lining - in case you haven’t thought about all the possibilities of the different uses of fleece fabric, please read on to discover its potential in all your sewing projects!


Hoodies & Jackets

fleece hoodie

Hoodies and jackets are complete staples in everyone’s wardrobes, so why not create your own using fleece fabric? Fleece is perfect for a hoodie or jacket as it is so soft and warm, and it has the ability to trap air which is a key aspect of retaining heat. There are so many different sewing patterns out there that you can try for a fleece hoodie or jacket, so you can design the most wonderful comfy and convenient piece of clothing for yourself or even a loved one. 


The Didi Pullover  sewing pattern from Fibre Mood is the perfect choice for fleece fabrics. This oversized jumper, ideal in fleece, boasts dropped shoulders and a contemporary zip detail. With high comfort and wearability, this fleece-friendly pattern ensures your jumper won’t be spending much time in the closet. 


Didi pullover fleece pattern


Fleece Hoodie Pattern



Cream polar fleece fabric    Polar fleece grey

Fabrics Galore's fleece collection comes in 21 plain colours

Fleece Hats

As fleece is so warm and comfortable, it would be the perfect material to use for your very own winter hat. Cosy fleece hats can be made in a matter of minutes, so this is a great project for any beginner who is looking to try a simple dressmaking project. As fleece comes in so many different colours, the hat you create would be perfect for your kids, especially as it doesn't scratch or itch, and is very warm. It also dries very quickly, so if you get stuck in the rain or snow, you can get back to being warm and dry pretty quickly. Try this free fleece beanie hat pattern for an easy make.


Free fleece beanie pattern

Free Fleece Beanie Hat Pattern by Bombshell Bling 


Red fleece fabric with white spots    pale blue fleece fabric

Explore the fleece collection

Fleece Blankets

fleece fabric    Rainbow fleece fabric


This warm and soft material is guaranteed to make the perfect blanket material, which will easily keep you nice and cosy on those chilly winter days. You also can’t get away from the fact that homemade blankets are incredibly charming and sentimental, and far more special than a shop-bought one. There are so many different designs and styles you can experiment with, allowing you to craft a blanket that may stay in your family for years to come, and be loved and treasured by countless people. 

Treasurie has a fantastic free step-by-step tutorial on how to make a sew and non-sew fleece blanket.

Fleece Draped Cardigan

If you want to design a warm, but flowy and gorgeous cardigan, fleece would be an ideal choice of fabric to consider. A cardigan can be worn for so many occasions, from a casual day look for a shopping trip, or even layered over dresses and sleeveless tops for a more formal get together.

Cardigans are an essential layer in the colder months, so why not design your own and put your personal twist on the finished garment? There are so many different styles you can try with the design, so try and find a pattern that best represents your vision!


The Marlo Sweater pattern by True Bias is perfect for our polar fleece. 


Marlo Sweater Pattern by True Bias

Leopard print fleece fabric    navy blue fleece fabric

Choose a leopard print or plain navy blue polar fleece 

The sustainability of fleece fabric

Although fleece fabric is not traditionally sustainable, fleece is a very durable material and can withstand many cold winter seasons. However, if you are concerned about the material’s sustainability, you do have the option to wash your fleece garments in microfibre filter bags. These bags filter out the microfibres released from the fleece fabric during the washing process, preventing them from entering the oceans and polluting the environment.

You can also rest assured that the fleece materials at Fabrics Galore are anti-pill spun polyester and are constructed in a way that won’t pill and form little balls on the fabric the way other synthetics will. 

Do you want to purchase fleece fabric? 

Here at Fabrics Galore, we  have a wide range of polar fleece fabrics available for you to purchase. We have a huge range of different colours for you to choose from, and all of our super soft fleece fabrics are made using high-quality anti-pill spun polyester sourced from Taiwan. To learn more about how we can help you, please call us on 020 7738 9589, and we would be happy to assist.

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