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Batik Fabric UK / Batik Patchwork Fabric

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Batik fabrics have recently become one of the most popular types of fabrics on the market, as well as intheFabricsGalore store. With these fabrics, you can enjoymulti-coloured designs and patterns which have been created by completing a unique process. You will see slight imperfections in the pattern and dyes on these hand-madefabrics which give them character, giving you theopportunity to really add depth to your dressmaking pieces.

The history of batik fabrics

Batik fabrics have been around for an incredibly long time, over 2,000 years intotal. Evidence of early batik fabrics have also been found all over the Middle East, in India, Central Asia and Africa. The exact origin of batik is not known, but it is widely common on the island of Java, Indonesia - where it reached the greatest peak of accomplishment.

How are batik fabrics made?

To make different batik fabrics, selected areas of the cloth are blocked out by brushing or drawing hot wax over them whilst the cloth is dyed. The parts covered in wax resist the dye and retain the originalcolour, with this process being repeated in order to create increasingly elaborate andcolourful designs. After the final dyeing, the wax is removed, and the cloth is ready for wearing or showing. Thecolours in batik are far more resistant to fade than those of painted or printed fabrics because the cloth is completely immersed in dye.

How can you use batik fabrics?

Batik fabrics in the UK can be used in a variety of different ways, but they are primarily used for patchwork projects. They are the perfect way to enhance the patterns, transforming bland designs into vibrant quilts which you are guaranteed to fall in love with.

Quilting is also incredibly popular, often becoming a hobby of preference for many individuals up and down the country. Quilting and patchwork is often seen as an escape, giving people the chance to do something which is enjoyable, relaxing and rewarding. Batik fabrics only enhance the experience even further, providing them with the opportunity to experiment with amazingcolours, textures and patterns.

Batik fabrics can also be used to make skirts, dresses and tops, so they are incredibly versatile and should definitely be included within your fabriccollections, as they can enhance a variety of different projects.

Batik fabrics from FabricsGalore

Here atFabrics Galorewe have a wide variety of different batik fabrics available for you to purchase. You can browse our entire selection of quilting and patchwork fabrics for inspirationon your next design, allowing you to put your own personal twist on your designs. To explore the range of batik fabrics that we have just added to our stock, head over to our newest fabrics range now.


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