Celebrating Our Favourite Hobbies Through Fabrics

Celebrating Our Favourite Hobbies Through Fabrics

Over the last year and a bit, where we have all been told to stay inside, all we could do to keep busy was indulge in our favourite hobbies or even take up a new one. Sewing has obviously always been a popular hobby here at Fabrics Galore, but especially at the start of lockdown, when you couldn’t find a beginner’s sewing machines anywhere – almost as scarce as toilet roll! The 6 million sewing machines already in homes across the UK were brought out of the cupboard and were not only used to keep avid sewers entertained, but also create 100’s of masks, scrubs, wash bags and everything else we needed to get through a global pandemic


As things have started to open up as lockdown is easing in the UK, we thought it would be great to celebrate the amazing sewing machines in all their glory by showing all the fabrics featuring our favourite sewing hobby.


Make a sewing machine cover

Fabrics Galore sewing hobby fabric    Fabrics Galore Sewing Hobby Buttons Fabric


Hey, maybe you should make a new fancy cover for your beloved sewing machine? It’s not only a great way to make your machine stand out from the crowd and look great, but keep it protected from dust and debris and in the best condition. Sewing machine covers are super easy to make and our heavyweight cottons would be the best choice for this project. Creating a pretty cover will also inspire you to finish off all those countless dressmaking and home furnishing projects you have planned.


Why not wear your love of sewing?

Alexander Henry Sewing Sorrow fabric    Alexander Henry flying sewing machines fabric


Dressmaking projects are always fun, and what makes them even more fun is by showcasing your love for sewing in the pieces. If you were thinking more of wearing your love of sewing, of course we have you sorted for that too. Our wonderful Alexander Henry medium weight cottons are perfect for almost any project, it just depends what you would like to make! From aprons, tops, aprons, tunics and skirts to t-shirts, or even a fun dress, it is really up to you on what approach you take, but you will always end up with a fantastic final garment.


Don’t forget about baking

Bake Off Fabric    


As well as sewing, baking was another huge hobby that many people decided to try over the last year - so why not take a look at our novelty baking-themed fabrics? Don’t get us wrong we love sewing, but you know what goes well with a sewing day? A nice piece of cake. Whether you have been whipping up a storm with a banana bread or have gone a bit more adventurous we have the perfect fabric to celebrate it. The coronavirus pandemic definitely started a banana bread and just a general baking frenzy, so of course you want to celebrate this new-found love of baking through your sewing projects.


However, maybe you haven’t done any of the actual baking - but you have been a very handy taste tester. If you would like to say thank you to the Star Baker with a homemade apron we have the perfect fabrics for just that too.

Orla Kiely Apron fabric    Ticking Stripe Apron Fabric


Would you like to buy high quality fabrics from us?


Across the Fabrics Galore website, as well as in our shop on Lavender Hill, Battersea, we have a variety of high quality fabrics available for you to choose from - including both sewing and baking themed materials. We are a dedicated fabrics business that has become a fun and inspirational environment which has been managed and owned by Paul Johnston for the past 25 years. If you would like to talk over any queries you may have regarding our fabrics with a friendly member of the Fabrics Galore team, then just give us a call now on 020 7738 9589.
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