How you can use fabric instead of wrapping paper this Christmas!

How you can use fabric instead of wrapping paper this Christmas!

As it’s now December, you may be thinking that it’s too late to make anything extra special for Christmas. However, the possibilities are endless for adding something creative to your gifts this year, especially with regards to the wrapping of your presents.

There are many ways of adding a personal and homemade touch to your wrapping whilst also decreasing waste and being sustainable. So, in this blog post the Fabrics Galore team take a look at some inventive ways in which you can use Christmas fabrics to wrap your gifts this year!

Our top fabric wrapping tips

If you are looking for a way to make your presents that little more special this Christmas, then you are in the right place. Put a smile on your loved one’s face on the 25th by adopting one of the following fabric wrapping techniques!

Stash busting

Why not wrap your gifts this year with all those pieces of fabric that you have left over from recent sewing projects? Not only will this help clear out your fabric cupboard, but it will also make more space for new exciting projects. For some inspiration on what fabric style to use for our stash busting technique, take a look at our selection of new in fabrics today.

Furthermore, this technique may also provide your friend or family member with motivation to begin sewing again, as they now have a super lovely piece of fabric to make something with.

Your fabric doesn't even have to be a big enough piece to wrap the whole present, as a strip of fabric could simply be used to replace the ribbon. Another bonus of this is how amazing your tree will look with a whole selection of co-ordinating presents nestled underneath. 

An added gift

If you do find yourself with some sudden time to spare, not only could you wrap your gift in fabric, but you could also quickly double hem it and then add a new tea towel to your present. Tea towels are a great addition as they can be made from any cotton or linen fabric, and therefore can effectively enhance the appearance of your gift.

Or, maybe you could make your own present bag, which can be used again and again to help in cutting down on a great deal of waste; especially as a lot of wrapping paper can’t be recycled.

Any of our more ‘Christmassy’ soft furnishing fabrics would make great present bags, but one fabric that can definitely make lovely Christmas sacks is our washed hessian


Just a little extra something...

You only need to spend five minutes on a site like Pinterest to find hundreds of ideas that can add a lovely personal detail to your Christmas presents. Some of our favourites included using linen selvedges instead of ribbon and a little bit of greenery. One fabric that would work very well for this thanks to its pretty selvedge is our linen look natural fabric.

Creating little fabric pom-poms to go on the top of presents instead of the foil bows is another great way to evolve your wrapping this Christmas. These could be made from anything, but you can achieve a super cool look by using denim fabrics.

Not only will these add a little extra to your presents, but it also won't fill your bin with lots of un-recyclable paper and waste.  

Browse our online fabric store today!

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas of how to make all your Christmas gifts both personal and sustainable. We also hope it has given you the added bonus of clearing out all those little pieces of fabric giving you a whole empty cupboard to fill with lots of new lovely things.

If you would like to explore the huge range of fabrics that we supply here at Fabrics Galore, head over to our online fabrics store today.

Alternatively, if you have any queries that you would like to discuss with one of our helpful advisors, you can call the Fabrics Galore team today on 0207 738 9589.

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