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Fabric Suppliers UK

Would you like to purchase some material from one of the best fabric suppliers in the UK? You are more than welcome to visit the Fabrics Galorewebsite. With our store being incorporated in 1992 and situated on Lavender Hill, in Battersea, South London and the online store being established back in 2016 - we are the business you need to go to. After you have enjoyed a browse on our website through the wide range of fabrics we have available, all orders will be placed and processed the same day or next day. If you would like any information regarding the fabrics we have in stock, please feel free to contact our exceptional team - as they have a wealth of expertise in their field. 

As one of the very best fabric suppliers in the UK, we have three different categories of fabric available for you to buy -dressmaking, patchwork &quilting andhome furnishing. All our fabrics are sold both online and in-store, which is very unusual as many suppliers just specialise in one category. For example, our dressmaking fabrics are incredibly diverse and luxurious, coming in two standard widths, 115cm and around 140cm. 

On the other hand, our quilting fabrics can also be used to make most dressmaking projects, anything from a top, dress and even a lightweight jacket. Which fabrics you decide to purchase is completely down to your own personal preferences and what project you are looking to take on. No matter what the occasion is, you can find fabric for every occasion from Christmas patterns to the always popular florals and blenders. 

Here atFabrics Galore, the store has grown to become a fun and inspirational environment for our dedicated team and the many customers who visit. It has been run by Paul Johnston for the past 27 years, where he has developed a number of long-term relationships with both the clientele and his fabric suppliers and travels far and wide in search of the very best fabrics. On the other hand, our online store was launched in 2016, as we were seeing a shift in the way people shop for fabrics and Paul wanted to adapt to the digital world. 

As one of the most committed fabric suppliers in the UK, our reputation for customer support and reliability is something we take incredibly seriously, which is why Paul and his team always ensure every client is completely happy with their experience working with Fabrics Galore - both online and in-store. We work very hard to bring you a diverse range of luxurious fabrics, perfect for any project you are looking to embark on. 


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