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Furnishing Fabrics


Are you looking to source furnishing fabrics? 

Are you wanting to bring a fresh look to your home? When you come to Fabrics Galore, we ensure that you are provided with only the highest quality of fabrics, in order to provide colour and depth to your interior in a way you never thought possible. Whether you are looking to bring a chic and fashionable appearance to your living room, or want to create a fun atmosphere in your child’s bedroom, ourfurnishing fabrics are sure to have you smiling.

Animal prints are vibrant and vivacious

We want to create a vibe that means when you walk into the room, you are transported away; instead of your dining room, you’ll be entering a world where the walls are adorned with a host of exotic animals. From adorable white bunnies to give an innocent and fresh look, to giant stag heads that take you into a vast wilderness, one thing is certain - Fabrics Galore’s range ofanimal furnishing fabrics cater to all ages and tastes, and can bring a bespoke look that few others can achieve.


Create an outdoor feel through botanical fabrics

Botanical prints are guaranteed to create a bright and breezy atmosphere throughout your home, and with Fabrics Galore there is an extensive range of florals, leaf and jungle fabrics for you to choose from. You can browse thefull selection of botanic fabrics on our dedicated page - whether you would like to generate a tropical ambience by using our Monstera palm leaf design home furnishing fabric, or seek a more elegant space decorated with apple blossom cotton panama, there is something for everyone here.

You can buy fun fabrics for your children

At Fabrics Galore, we understand the importance of creating a space that suits the purpose of the room. To this end, when it comes to decorating a bedroom or nursery for your kids, you should be able to combine a top-quality product with a light-hearted design. Playful cartoon road-maps, artistically drawn colourful foxes and  a variety of woodland creatures are just some of the designs that you can expect to see in our range ofchildren’s home furnishing fabrics.

Stripes and spots are here to stay

Through the ever-shifting paradigms of the fashion world, one thing will always remain a constant - spots and stripes are a classic furnishing fabric look. Never going out of style, Fabric Galore’s diverse number of colours and compositions will give your cushions and curtains a tasteful look and will catch the eye of all that are in their presence. If you desire, you can peruse our extensive selection of designs, at your pleasure, on ourfurnishing fabrics-committed page.


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