How To Bring Nature Indoors With Home Furnishing Fabrics

How To Bring Nature Indoors With Home Furnishing Fabrics

Over the last year, it has been very hard for all of us, as life has been turned completely upside down. Let’s face it, nature has been pretty much all we have had and been able to enjoy, from the glorious sunshine of spring and summer, to the crispy whiteness of snow and frost. However, we can’t be outside all the time to enjoy the beauty of nature, and as the world is starting to come alive again in the springtime, you may be looking to replicate the gorgeous colours and feelings of nature within your home - so why not bring the outdoors in with your choice of home furnishing fabrics?

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Pastels & florals 

Bring the fresh, natural beauty of the English country garden into your home by using gorgeous, pastel floral fabrics. To achieve this rustic cottage vibe, incorporate pastels and florals within your home furnishings, such as designing your own curtains. This new style of decorating can be incorporated into almost any room within your home, especially in your bedroom, and it will bring a fresh feeling to the entire space. However, if you think floral curtains would be a bit too overwhelming for the space, why not create some more subtle scatter cushions? These are guaranteed to add a bit of prettiness to the room, whilst still incorporating the English countryside vibe which would be worthy of any summer village fete. 

Across the Fabrics Galore website, we have a variety of wonderful floral fabrics for you to purchase, including a whole collection of Cath Kidston fabrics, which are perfect cushions or curtains which will bring a smile to your face every day. 


Greens & natural tones

Life may still seem a little dreary at the moment, so it is always good to inject a little bit of colour into our lives, so why not incorporate some soothing greens and natural tones into your home? More muted shades of colour are a great way to create a more calming environment and will bring a sense of calm in your living space, especially on an overly anxious mind too. There are lots of different ways to incorporate this lighter and softer colour palette within your interior, but these calming shades work especially well in your bathroom and bedroom, as these are both spaces where you would retreat to relax. 

At Fabrics Galore, we are inundated with gorgeous green and natural toned fabrics, including a variety of Orla Kiely materials, which are perfect if you are looking to add a little bit of luxury to your space, by designing your very own curtains, scatter cushions, or even work on an upholstery project. 


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Botanical fabrics

One of the first things that comes to mind when we think of the word ‘nature’ is the incredible plants and greenery that we enjoy daily across the globe. From country to country, all the greenery is slightly different, but it is still universally appreciated, so botanical fabrics would be a wonderful way to incorporate the outdoors into your home. Even when we can’t go outside indoor plants have also become a moment of solstice during these unprecedented times, so using these botanical prints can make you and the plants feel even more at home. 

As they make so much of a statement, botanical prints are ideal for brightening up your home in your curtains, or even with a bold upholstery project. Botanicals are easily incorporated into an already neutrally decorated space, as the bold leaf prints will complement your current colour scheme, whilst switching up the general vibe of the space, evoking feelings of optimism and confidence with their brighter tones. 


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Animal print fabrics

Nature is not all about greenery, we can’t forget about the thousands of species of animals and insects across the globe, which are all part of the natural environment. By using some animal fabrics within your interior, this will not only add some contemporary chic to your home, but also remind you of the incredible amount of life that is out there - although, probably not in your local park, but certainly further afield. No matter whether you’re an elephant lover or adore monkeys, there will be the perfect animal print out there for you to choose. 

We have an abundance of animal themed prints for you to select from which can be used for a stand-out upholstery project, or even in conjunction with other fabrics, as they look great with almost any colour palette. Animal prints can also be used to make cushion covers, curtains or even lampshades, it’s completely up to you and what vibe you would like to evoke in your home. 


Would you like to purchase home furnishing fabrics? 

Here at Fabrics Galore, we have a wonderful range of nature-inspired fabrics for you to choose, which are suitable for most home furnishing projects. If you would like to learn more about the products we have available, then just give our friendly and knowledgeable team a call today on 020 7738 9589.

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