How to Feel Pretty in Pink Fabrics This Summer

How to Feel Pretty in Pink Fabrics This Summer

With the weather perking up and the sun shining, we can finally say that spring is in the air - and nothing says springtime like dressing pretty in pink fabrics. Here at Fabrics Galore, we love a bit of pink, and it has been universally hailed as the mood-enhancing, hot colour to have in your wardrobe this season, so it’s time to start designing your very own delightful summer pieces with pink fabrics which are guaranteed to bring instant joy to your day. At FG headquarters, we happily share some of our personal favourite ways to incorporate all the shades of pink fabric we have into your dressmaking projects over the next couple of months.


Pretty summer dresses

As soon as the sun comes out everyone reaches for the summer dresses, as they are a must-have for your spring/summer wardrobe after months of being indoors. They can be styled casually for get-togethers during the day but can also be dressed up for the evening with some additional accessories. If you are looking to make your very own pretty pink summer dress, our dressmaking viscose pink fabrics would be the perfect fabric choice for this project. We are truly obsessed with these prints, they are just so beautiful and look super stylish, whilst being comfortable and lightweight to wear.

Pink Viscose fabric   Pink dressmaking linen viscose


Don’t overlook pink for skirts and trousers

Although many people initially opt for pink as a fabric for summer dresses or tops, you should never overlook skirts and trousers in your capsule spring/summer wardrobe - especially in any gorgeous shades of pink. The amazing thing about these pieces is that they can easily be incorporated in warmer outfits, as we believe that pink doesn't have to just be for spring and summer. We have some wonderful brushed cotton panama fabrics available for you to purchase in many shades of pink, which can perfectly add a splash of colour to your wardrobe that could be carried on into the chillier months.

Pink cotton panama fabric        Pink brushed cotton panama


How to wear Pink if you’re pink- shy


Glam up your face mask


Face masks have become the norm now and many people are looking for ways to incorporate them into their everyday wardrobe. Why not add a touch of pink to your face mask by using pretty patterns? At Fabrics Galore, we have a wide range of pink patterned cottons for you to choose from which include shades of pink, without being too overpowering for someone who isn’t used to wearing this colour. So, if you design your own face masks, be sure to use some fun prints which can easily complement your spring/summer style.

Pink patterned face mask fabric       Pink pattern cotton poplin


Pink Jersey Ribbing

For everyone so over making masks then maybe bringing a bit ribbing to your latest jersey creation might be the answer and the ideal nod to the latest spring and summer trend. This pale pink ribbing fabric is gorgeous and won’t make you feel self-conscious at all.


Pink chunky circular ribbing


Why not bring pink into your home furnishings?

If you were looking to bring the trend into your home rather your wardrobe, then look no further than our latest organic cotton fabric range. This is the perfect nod to the trend, but without the pinks taking over your wardrobe if they are not usually your go-to colour palette. With each passing year, pink is seeing a surge in popularity in the interior design world and is often used as an alternative to beige as a neutral shade, which can contrast with other neutrals, such as grey. At Fabrics Galore, our home furnishing collection is guaranteed to delight and inspire, so feel free to take a look at our range of wonderful pink fabrics which can give your home a fun and fresh feel for the summer.

Pink home furnishing cotton   Pink floral home furnishing fabric


Do you want to buy pink fabrics from Fabrics Galore?

At Fabrics Galore we are a teeny bit obsessed with our new pink fabrics and believe they are perfect to add more colour, print and class to both your summer outfits, as well as your interiors. From brushed cottons, to viscose fabric, we will certainly have something to suit your tastes, so please feel free to take a look at the wide range of pink fabrics we have available.

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