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Furnishing and crafting projects, such as quilting, are very much still alive and popular as a form of hobby and expression of creativity. Often the go-to choice of fabric when working on these types of projects is novelty fabric, which is perfect for kids, the young at heart, or those who simply enjoy fun, well-made materials. These fabrics can be used for a wide variety of different projects, so to give you some inspiration, we have put together some of the best purposes of novelty fabrics. 

How can adult novelty fabrics be used? 


alexander henry fabricsAs adults, we usually gravitate toward safe solids or tone on tone fabrics, but there are so many opportunities available with novelty fabrics that you may be missing - such as Alexander Henry designs. Some of our favourite designers make novelty prints that are fresh and new, with no hint of feeling juvenile or dated, so would be perfect for your furnishing or crafting projects. 

  • Quilting 

novelty quilting fabricThere is nothing better than creating a vibrant and unique quilt, which is easily completed by using novelty fabrics. Quilting is a very popular pastime and once your project is completed, you will develop a sense of pride to see the final product made with your own hands. Quilting is proven as a hobby to decrease stress levels, and here at Fabrics Galore, all our novelty fabrics are sold by the half metre, allowing you to choose as many designs as you want to create the perfect patchwork quilt. 

  • Upholstery 

upholstery fabricBy using our novelty fabrics, you can easily inject more of your personality into your home furnishings. With these designs, you can easily refresh your chairs or headboard in your bedroom, allowing you to make statement pieces that are bound to stand out in your home. As each of our fabrics is made from cotton, you also have the added benefit that it will provide excellent resistance to wear, fading, and pilling. 


  • Facemasks

Facemask fabricFacemasks have become an essential accessory in our lives, so one of the best ways to use novelty fabrics would be to craft your own. We wrote a blog a few months ago about how to make these face coverings, so you can protect yourself and others. Facemasks are very simple to make, and by using novelty fabrics, you can put your personal twist on the design and make them unique to you. 

Would you like to use children’s novelty fabrics? 


novelty childrens fabricChildren’s novelty fabrics are a lot more elaborate than other designs, from animals, birds, fish and dragons to car racing, there is something out there for every child’s personality. There are some wonderful projects for you to try with these designs, as we aim to cater to everyone, so you will not be disappointed with our selection of fabrics.

  • Bedroom curtains

  • novelty curtain fabricWhen designing your child’s bedroom, you want to ensure all the designs reflect your child’s personality, and curtains using fabric which reflects their interests are one of the best ways to do this. By using the children’s novelty fabrics selected from our range of animal novelty prints, you can easily create a playful atmosphere. As each of the fabrics is made from heavy durable cotton, they are also the ideal choice for creating home furnishings - like curtains. 

    • Bags 

    puffin fabricChildren’s novelty fabrics would make the perfect choice to design your very own bag. There are unlimited bag patterns available for you to choose from, and you can really experiment with different prints to embrace your child’s personal style. They can use their new homemade bag for practically any purpose such as a school book bag and are the perfect environmentally friendly alternative to a plastic bag. 

    How to choose the best novelty fabric

    Here at Fabrics Galore, we have a wide range of novelty fabrics available in different weights. Lightweight fabrics are suitable for most dressmaking projects, but if you are looking to work on furnishing projects like soft furnishings you need to find materials that are heavyweight. These fabrics are perfect for you to create curtains and cushions, considered as one of the most durable choices you can make in terms of materials. On the other hand, if you are looking to work on a quilting project, medium weight fabrics are the best choice. 

    If you would like to learn more about the different novelty fabrics we have available, the Fabrics Galore team would be more than happy to help you. Please email the team on

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