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Jersey Fabrics

Here at Fabrics Galore, we specialise as a supplier of top-quality jersey fabrics - whether you are hunting for a print which is bold-yet-beautiful, or prefer a more pared back look, you can rest assured that there is a fabric design to suit your particular needs. We would love you to browse, to your hearts content, and you can do so on our website where you will find our full and diverse range ofdifferent jersey fabrics

How much do you know about jersey fabrics? 

We appreciate that not everyone has the knowledge of and passion for jersey fabrics that we have, which is why we are happy to offer a concise education on the subject. When jersey was first made, its sole composition material was wool. However, as years have gone by jersey composition has evolved; it can now be knitted from cotton, as well as a variety of synthetic fibres. There are two different types of jersey fabric: single-knitted, and double-knitted. Single-knitted consists of a flat side, and a piled side, and is often used for t-shirts, due to its lightweight nature. Conversely, double-knitted has less stretch and is ideal for items such as cardigans and pencil skirts or the cuffs on leggings. 

What is the difference between cotton and jersey?

A common question that Fabrics Galore fields is regarding what the difference is between jersey and cotton. We are happy to dispel any misconceptions - whereas cotton is a specific type of fibre - known as a natural cellulose fibre - jersey is actually a technique in the art of knitting. It can be found in soft, stretchy dresses, polo shirts, and tops, as well as sheets and draped garments. 

A selection of Fabrics Galore’s jersey options

When it comes to the jersey fabrics that you can find via browsing the Fabrics Galorewebsite, you will find a huge range; in fact, with the quantity of options that we give you, you may find yourself overwhelmed. We are happy to help when it comes to recommending fabrics for different projects, and one of our premium cuts of cloth is the Ponte de Roma. 

Ponte de Roma is a jersey fabric that, thanks to its double-jersey structure, is a heavier material and less stretchy than usual jersey fabrics. Usually, synthetic jersey like Ponte di Roma is a polyester viscose mix or polyester/elastane/viscose. Its name means “Bridges of Rome” and refers to its looped composition, which when magnified resembles bridge arches. This is ideal for articles of clothing that are required to be more structured and more durable, such as a blazer. As this is a very popular variety of jersey fabric, we are pleased to be able to offer a great number of colour options. From charcoal and deep raspberry, to rust and olive, you will be spoilt for choice. 

French Terry is another popular type of jersey product which is somewhere between sweatshirting material and jersey. It is slightly heavier with a tight looped back effect. Unlike Ponte de Roma which is a synthetic jersey, French Terry tends to be made of natural cotton fibre. 

To complete the range on offer at Fabrics Galore we are also pleased to offer thecriss-cross quilted jersey fabrics in charcoal, grey and silver made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester, always firm favourites among our customers, especially in winter. 

For all yourjersey dressmaking projects, look no further than the Fabrics Galore website!


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