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Linen Fabrics

Why you should buy linen

When it comes to looking for the ideal fabric to make up the predominant material for a dressmaking project, you need look no further than Fabrics Galore’s linen fabrics. In our stocks, we are pleased to offer our consumers a diverse range of colours and weights of linen - if you would like to browse at your leisure, please visit ourdedicated page of linen fabrics 

The fabric that has stood the test of time

If you were to look back thirty-six thousand years, to a small cave in Georgia, you would be able to find the first trace of materials similar to linen fabrics. Derived from drying fibres from the flax plant (also known as linseed), over time the material has been perfected to ensure that its properties have become more defined and stronger. For example, it is a highly-absorbent material;Fabrics Galore’s linen fabrics are capable of absorbing, approximately, around one-fifth of their weight in moisture. Not only this, but linen is considered to be a ‘breathable’ fabric - its drying time is extremely quick, as it retains neither air nor heat. 

Do you know the different types of linen? 

For those that are uninitiated in the world of textiles, when it comes to linen fabrics, there are five discernable types. There is damask linen, which has a texture that is relatively smooth, along with a reversible pattern and is often used in home furnishings for example as a tablecloth. Simple plainly-woven linen is more absorbent and has a greater wicking ability than other types, due to its looser weave - it is identifiable by a natural chequered pattern. For a denser, heavier linen fabric, you can acquire sheeting linen; as the name suggests, it is primarily used in the making of bed linen. 

Conversely, you can also acquire loosely-woven linen, which sacrifices durability for increased levels of absorption; however, it is less commonly utilised as a fabric for dressmaking. The final type is known as Rami, which has similarities to other types in terms of its general construction; however, whereas linen is based on the flax plant, Rami’s base plant is the nettle plant. The knock-on effect is that it is slightly denser and heavier. 

Linen is incredibly versatile 

No matter whether you are dressing up for a formal event, corporate environment, or you are aiming for a more casual look - linen has the capability to complement any and every occasion. As we have already touched upon, there is a whole array of different weights and textures for you to choose from, each suitable for different projects, so it is completely up to you to select the best linen type for your sewing project. At Fabrics Galore we have a lovely range for you to browse including some versatile linen blends (either with cotton or viscose) which are designed for use in both dressmaking and furnishing. Call Fabrics Galore on020 7738 9589 for friendly advice from the team on which type of linen fabric you need!



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