Our Favourite Fabric Craft Ideas

Our Favourite Fabric Craft Ideas

When working on all your sewing projects, you are bound to end up with lots of fabric leftovers. After a while, these fabric scraps start to build up in your stash, but it seems such a waste of good material to just throw them away. However, there are actually so many different ways to use them in some fun fabric crafts particularly around Christmas time. Do you have any ideas? Luckily, here at Fabrics Galore, we have put together our favourite fabric craft ideas you can work on using your leftover fabric. 



Making your own DIY coasters is a popular fabric craft project and a great way to use your scrap fabrics. This is not only a fun way to spend some time, but the finished products will be great to protect your tables from marks and brighten up your home. This sewing project is also perfect for beginners and they don’t take very long to make. We recommend using your cotton scraps for this project, and you can combine various patterns and colours to create your own unique designs.



Scrunchies are incredibly popular at the moment, so why not make some with your fabric scraps? They can easily be created with any long thin strips of material you have, in various different colours and prints. Making a scrunchie is very simple to do, and doesn’t require lots of fabric, the only additional thing you need is some elastic. As they are so simple and inexpensive to make, you can make one for almost every outfit you own, or as gifts for your friends. 

Patchwork Quilts


Quilting is such a popular hobby, and your fabric scraps can easily be incorporated into your very own quilt crafting project. Quilts last a lifetime and are the perfect gift for a loved one or can be passed down as a family heirloom. Cotton is usually considered the best type of fabric to use for quilting, so if you have any cotton scraps, they would be perfect for this. There is nothing better than creating a vibrant and unique quilt, which will look good in any bedroom setting. 

Christmas Stockings

christmas stockings

The lead up to Christmas is a great time to spend crafting with your family especially with children, and fabric scraps can easily be used for a variety of Christmas fabric crafting projects - including stockings! With your new DIY Christmas stockings, you can completely transform your fireplace for the festive season. By making your own stockings, not only will you save money, but it will give you time to spend with your family - and even your children may enjoy getting involved. Here at Fabrics Galore, we have some wonderful cream boucle fabric which would be perfect for the tops of Christmas stockings, which are available in our remnant sale collection

Festive wreath 

christmas wreath

Wreaths are always so popular for your front door at Christmas, so why not make your own one with your fabric scraps? There are lots of tutorials online which will help you use up any leftover pieces of materials and create a beautiful festive wreath. This will not only look wonderful displayed on your front door, but it can also be used year after year creating a lovely sustainable Christmas wreath. 

Would you like to buy fabrics for crafting from Fabrics Galore? 

Quilting and fabric crafting projects do not have to be expensive, and you can easily use up the leftover fabric in your stash at home or take a look at the fantastic Fabrics Galore novelty fabric sale section, where there are loads of great remnants available for you to buy. For advice on suitable craft fabrics that we have available, feel free to contact a member of our team on 020 7738 9589 who would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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