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Quilting Fabric

quilting fabric

If you are looking to carry out a fun craft project, designing a quilt is often the go-to for many. There is nothing better than creating a vibrant and unique quilt, which can be perfect for an array of occasions - it is completely down to you, and what you are looking to achieve with your design. For example, if you are looking to produce a delightfully festive design, we have a number ofChristmas patterns available, as well as florals andblenders for a more generic theme.  

What are blenders? 

Blenders are an incredibly important aspect of quilting as a whole, as they are great to use in place of printed fabrics where you need the colour, but don't want something to take away from the prints you have. If you are looking to tell a story with the quilt, blenders never disrupt this, as they can frame and accentuate your favourite focal prints - making the entire piece pop. 

Here atFabrics Galore, we are very proud of our collection of blender materials, with over sixty varieties in our current stock. They will be the foundation of your quilts, so it is important to have these to hand with a well-rounded stash of fabrics to choose from. 

What other fabrics are used in quilting? 

Choosing quilting fabrics is not a difficult task, as there is a huge variety to decide between - it just completely depends on the design you would like to create. If you are looking to meet the requirements ofThe Quilters Guild, they insist that the fabric is 100% cotton - whereas - more contemporary organisations like the UK Quilt Association are more open to other fabric alternatives. 

Some people opt to use more diverse choices of fabric, such as polar fleece, which is less expensive and easier to sew than the traditional quilting method of using wadding and fabric. It will also make a lovely cosy quilt, perfect to use on the back of home furnishing fabrics to make a nice throw. 

What are the main quilting shows you should attend?

Many people opt to attend regular quilting shows which allow guests to stock up on their quilting fabrics for any projects throughout the new year. One of the events that the Fabrics Galore team regularly attend is TheQuilters Fair, which takes place on Sunday January 12th at Farnham Maltings, where you can browse and buy from over 45 exhibitors. 

Another event, which is worth attending later in January from 24th – 26th, is theSpring Quilt Festival Ardingly, which showcases quilt displays from well-known quilters and textile artists. For those who are lovers of high-quality quilting fabrics, you will not want to miss these. Fabrics Galore will be there with all our latest fabric designs.


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