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Quilting Fabric UK

To purchase some of the very best quilting fabric in the UK, the Fabrics Galorewebsite is the place you need to be. We are an established business with an extensive range of fabrics available for you to buy, with our team available on the phone to help you with your online fabric purchases as well as in the physical shop itself. Not only do we work exceptionally hard as a fabric retailer, but our customer service is also a highly appreciated aspect of our business - so you know we are the company you need to contact for all your quilting projects. 

Ourquilting fabric in the UK is perfect to buy if you are looking to create your dream craft project. A quilt is one of the most popular creations, which is normally a combination of colours, shapes and designs. Quilting is known to be a fun and practical way to pass time, as you can be as creative as you like - even allowing your entire family and friends to get involved with the project. 

Here atFabrics Galore, our high-quality quilting fabric in the UK works best when making quilts - with so many different patterns out there to inspire your next creation. We have an amazing range of quilting fabrics whether you are looking to make a Christmas quilt using our popular range of Christmas fabrics or a treasured children’s quilt for the nursery with our lovely soft brushed cotton flannel fabrics. All our fabrics are sold by the half metre, allowing you to choose as many designs as you want to create the perfect patchwork quilt. 

Fabrics Galore also stocks such a large variety of quilting fabric because we want to give our customers choice at every budget level. At the luxury end, we offer a number of Liberty andAlexander Henry fabrics, which are often used in quilting projects to create a sophisticated and luxurious design. Although we don’t cut corners on fabric quality, we do tend to buy end of lines or manufacturers’ “dead stock” which are priced competitively for the more budget conscious quilter and helps support our aim to be a sustainable fabric supplier. To this end we are also offering part-recycled quilting fabrics where water is not used in the manufacturing process.

As a business, we attend a number of different shows and conventions throughout the year, including the two biggestquilting shows - Festival of Quilts at NEC in August and Quilts UK in Malvern in May. In preparation for the quilting shows we like to pack the van high with boxes of fat quarters which is the quilting term used to describe smaller pieces of quilting fabrics (usually a quarter of a metre or 50cm x 55cm) but in a way that you still get a sizeable piece of the design. It’s not unusual for Fabrics Galore to sell 3 boxes of fat quarters a day at the Festival of Quilts!

Bothpatchwork and quilting have been practised for many centuries, as both practical and decorative crafts. Creating a quilt is a perfect way to keep busy, and always has been, with the technique developing all the time - still using traditional skills but whilst experimenting with contemporary artistic techniques. The main difference between patchwork and quilting is the fact that patchwork is a work, such as a blanket, composed of many different colours and shapes, sewn together. Whereas, quilting is a layer or layers of quilted padding. 

One of the reasons why patchwork - instead of quilting - became so popular during the 20th century was mostly due to the presence of war. The interruption of two world wars and a dramatic shift in society led to a scarcity of available materials and a decline in the traditional skill needed to create traditional quilts. Once considered a sign of poverty, patchwork pieces are now treasured heirlooms - easily created using our quilting fabric in the UK.

Whether you need a fabulous quilting fabric for your bedroom, nursery or as a gift, the Fabrics Galore range offers something for everyone including an extensive line of quilting blender fabrics. Have a browse online or call us on 020 7738 9589 for inspiration and advice!


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