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As a business, we have a wide range of different tartan fabrics available for you to purchase. These can be bought by the half metre and in various materials including brushed cotton, a lighter weight polyester/viscose mix not to mention our wool checks which are not strictly tartan but are viewed in the same category. At Fabrics Galore, we are incredibly passionate about all the work we do and will ensure everything you purchase is of the highest quality. 

What is tartan fabric made of?  

Tartan is often recognised as a symbol of Scottish heritage associated with a particular clan, and used to create Scottish kilts, bagpipes, scarves and other fashion items. It was originally made of wool, but tartan is now frequently made in various materials. 

The tartan pattern is incredibly fashionable in today’s modern age, being sported in various garments including skirts, trousers, dresses and blazers. One of Fabrics Galore’s most popular collections of tartan fabrics is called ‘Clueless’, which is named after the classic film, with each piece being lovely and soft against your skin. 

What is the difference between check, tartan and plaid? 

Tartan fabrics were originally designed using wool but are now available in an array of different materials. Each of these designs is comprised of horizontal and vertical stripes usually in differing colours at right angles to each other creating a grid pattern.

Tartan is a unique design which includes woven bands or stripes of various colours and widths, the design sequence being the same in both directions of the fabric. The design normally produces a square pattern which is generally - but not necessarily - symmetrical about defined pivot points or stripes. 

Whereas, plaid refers to a crisscross pattern of 2 or more colours and is traditionally used to describe a piece of cloth worn over the shoulder. The pattern of the vertical stripe does not necessarily have to match the pattern of the horizontal stripe, unlike the pattern of tartan. 

On the other hand, check fabric is a much plainer form compared to tartan and plaid - typically comprising of only two colours, which is woven into or printed onto materials, and also the cloth itself that can be turned into clothing or homewares. There are many different types of check patterns such as gingham, buffalo and windowpane - each consisting of crossed horizontal and vertical lines that form equal-sized squares. 

Would you like to purchase some tartan fabrics? 

As we have already touched upon, we have a wide variety of tartan fabrics available for you to purchase across our website. The Clueless range is available in 9 different colour combinations, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect printed material for your next project. For anyone that is captivated with the idea of these, we invite you to browse through our entire Clueless collection on our website

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