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The Benefits of Organic Cotton

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Shopping sustainably is a big thing at the moment, and this is no different when it comes to buying fabrics. Organic cotton is one of the most sustainable fabrics you can purchase, but what are the benefits of using this material in your dressmaking projects? Organic cotton is grown in a way that uses methods and materials that lessen the impact on our environment, and here at Fabrics Galore, we stock a range of 95% GOTS (The Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton fabrics, so we have put together some of the benefits of using these materials. 

Environmentally friendly

organic cotton fabricCompared to other materials on the market, organic cotton is one of the most environmentally friendly options, as it does not have a harsh manufacturing process. Organic cotton is grown with low-impact farming methods without using synthetic chemicals or pesticides. With organic cotton production, less energy is used, fewer greenhouse gases are released and due to the improved soil quality, significantly less water is used. If you are looking to be more considerate to the environment and conserve natural resources, purchasing organic cotton is the best option. 

High-quality material

Organic cotton is a very strong and resilient material, so any garments you create will last longer, whilst looking great - so you won’t have to worry about sacrificing quality to shop more sustainably. It is easy to wear and work with, and its uses have become progressively more stylish and contemporary, so you can create long-lasting, cost-effective organic cotton garments that you are guaranteed to love wearing. 

Fair working conditions for farmers and factory workers

organic cotton jersey fabricAlthough this is not the case for every fabric supplier in the industry, there are struggling farmers and factory workers across the globe that are struggling to survive under the harsh working conditions. However, by purchasing organic cotton which is GOTS certified, you know that the people who create your fabrics are receiving a living wage and are fairly compensated for their hard work. The GOTS certification does not only include environmental standards but also social standards. Here at Fabrics Galore, we strive to source all our fabrics from sustainable suppliers, and due to our wealth of experience in the industry, we have built relationships with these fabric suppliers over several generations and understand how and where they source their fabrics.  

Better for sensitive skin 

If you have bought fabrics in the past which have irritated your skin, organic cotton will be a better choice for you. It is known that various skin allergies relate directly to the chemicals used in non-organic cotton farming, so switching to more organic fabrics can help you see a significant improvement. Organic cotton products are softer and safer for the skin, as the fibres are much longer, compared to regular cotton. 

Highly versatile

organic brushed cottonWhen using organic cotton fabrics in your dressmaking projects, you will be pleased to know that it is a very natural material which requires little care and is very versatile. You can choose to use organic cotton for almost any dressmaking garment, as the strength of the cotton fibres and threads are what makes them suitable for all different types of clothing. No matter whether you are looking to make t-shirts, sweatshirts, summer dresses or blouses - organic cotton would be a perfect choice. 

Would you like to purchase organic cotton from Fabrics Galore? 

When you are purchasing fabrics for dressmaking, if you want to ensure you are purchasing materials in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly fashion, find organic cotton fabrics to purchase here at Fabrics Galore. We pride ourselves on offering organic materials which you can browse on our website and in-store. We are committed to always helping our customers find the right fabric, so you can create some unique designs for yourself and your loved ones.

To speak to a member of the team at Fabrics Galore about our organic cotton and sustainable fabrics, you can chat with one of our friendly staff by calling 020 7738 9589. We would be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

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