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Uses Of Linen In Interiors & Home Furnishing

chair covered in yellow linen fabric

Linen fabrichas always been a highly popular material to use in a variety of projectsand is actually one of the oldest textiles with a very rich history, originating over 30,000 years ago in the modern Republic of Georgia. This ultra-versatile fabric can be used in home décor, fashion and even quilting, so it is certainly an excellent addition to yourhome furnishings. If you are looking to find some new ways toutilise linen as a furnishing fabric, feel free to continue reading.


linen fabric

Linen fabric hasa luxurious look which can reallyenhance your home’s interior décor, so it’s a brilliant choice for an upholstery project as loose covers on an item of occasional furniture- such as for a feature piece in a corner of a room, rather than you having to worry about the sofas which get a lot of use. However, it is important to note that compared to other fabrics on the market, linen is incredibly durable and is known for being very robust.

Even if you have a very busy home withchildren and pets, linen is easilycared for and offers a contemporary look for any modern home. It is also a brilliant choice if you want a sustainable fabric for your furniture, as it doesn’t require intensive farming andfertilisers to produce thetextilel.


linen used as a curtain fabric


Linen curtains have become an incredibly popular addition to homeinteriors, providing a classic look whilst being practical. The beauty of using linen for yourcurtains is that the material filters light in a subtle and very attractive way, helping the room to appear a lot brighter while still offering privacy. As there are so many different types of curtains for you to design, you can really be creative and evoke a sense of luxury by introducing them to a bedroom, lounge or dining room. As linen is such an easy material to take care of, the curtains can also be professionally dry-cleaned or washed yourself. 

Sheets and bedding

Linen bedding is often consideredto be a luxury within the home, and these wonderful bedsheets are certainly the perfect companion for a good night’s sleep. This breathable and moisture resistant material is guaranteed to keep you cool in the summer, naturally regulating your temperature. Even in the winter, linen is an excellent insulating fabric which keeps you warm and comfortable throughout the night. It absorbs moisture in the heat and retains body heat in the cold. Linen is not only versatile from a property perspective, but it alsolooks great, providing a beautiful, textured look that works for any time of the year - and linen can last a lifetime if cared for correctly.

Decorative cushions

If you would like to incorporate a little bit of linen in your living room or bedroom, designing your own decorative scatter cushions is the way to go. These creations can easily add an element of luxury to your home, but in an affordable and sustainable way, bringing togethercolour accents within a room. As it’s such an easy project to complete, you can easily switch out the cushionswith the seasons and change up your home’s interior as you please. Not only are they a functional addition to your home, but they also add character,colour, and comfortable support.

Would you like to purchase linen fabric?

Across the Fabrics Galorewebsite, we stock a variety of different linen fabrics, including damask linen fabric - which is woven using a mix of plain and satin weaves on a jacquard loom. We also have plain woven fabric available, which often has a checked or striped pattern with a loose weave to make it more absorbent than other linen fabrics. If you would like to chooselinen fabric for your interiors and furnishing projects,our specialist UK fabricteam would be more than happy to help you if you require some assistance.






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