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What Liberty of London Fabric Should You Purchase?

Established back in 1875 by Arthur Liberty,Liberty of London is a highly regarded brand that is renowned in the industry for its range of quintessentially British fabric designs. Each of their pieces has a timeless nature, which is proven because the designs are still produced and loved just as much today. But what are some of the most popular Liberty of London fabrics, that you should look into, and why should you purchase them? 

Liberty Tana Lawn 

One of the most popularLiberty of London fabrics is Tana Lawn, which is made from 100% cotton. Its name originates from Lake Tana in Ethiopia, where the fabric was first produced and has become a unique aspect of the Liberty heritage. It was initially discovered back in the 1920s when William Hayes Dorell discovered the cotton fibres when travelling throughout East Africa. The Egyptian cotton is an entirely different plant from simple cotton, which is turned into the ultra-fine yarn where more threads can be packed into a square inch than in ordinary cotton which creates a higher thread count. It feels and behaves like silk yet is machine washable.

Tana Lawn is a beautiful fabric which is soft and durable, perfect all year round - either for airy summer pieces or wearing under wool during the colder months. It is perfect for dresses with a lining, blouses, button-up shirts, heirloom apparel sewing, and even luxurious loungewear - it is completely up to you and what you’re looking to create. Despite how light the fabric is, it retains its shape very well and has a fine thread count which means it barely feels like the fabric is touching your skin - despite it being 100% cotton. 

Liberty Poplin

If you are looking for a smooth-textured fabric, cotton poplin is the perfect choice - providing durability and a crisp, clean finish. It is sturdy, easy to maintain and resists creases, and as this fabric is made from 100% cotton, it is often chosen for warmer climates. It is thin and breathable, as it has the ability to absorb moisture and dry quickly without retaining odours. As it’s hypoallergenic, it is perfect for sensitive skin and is not clingy - whilst still being 100% natural and easy to care for.

This fabric is more heavyweight than Tana Lawn, and can be used to make shirts, dresses and even crafting projects. It is a cool, versatile, comfortable, easy-care option, with properties that make it a stylish fabric for all manner of clothing. The Liberty poplin fabric has a much finer yarn compared to other fabrics on the market, making it softer and even more versatile. 

Liberty Sweatshirt Fabrics 

Sweatshirt fabrics are perennially popular, and we have a very diverse collection of designs and colours from Liberty of London which would be perfect for your next dressmaking or sweatshirt project. The smooth, soft surfaces of Liberty fabric make them extremely versatile, especially the classic weight, brushed back sweatshirt fabric which is a classic jumper weight. There are also variants available which are ever so slightly heavier than the loopback sweatshirting - but it is completely up to you and your specific preferences. 

Purchasing Liberty of London fabrics 

Here atFabrics Galore, all of the Liberty of London fabrics we have available on our online store are gorgeously patterned. We have stocked these since our store first opened over 25 years ago and are still one of the only London-based fabric retailers that are trusted with this privilege. If you would like advice on which of our different Liberty print fabrics would be best for your next sewing project, please call us on  020 7738 9589


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