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As the weather is starting to warm up, you may be looking to create some more breathable clothes where you can look good and feel great, without worrying about feeling hot and bothered. One of the best fabrics you should be looking at for the warmer months is linen, but what are the benefits of this fabric? And why is it the perfect material for the hotter seasons? 

What is linen? 

The ancient Egyptians were the first to mass-produce linen and this versatile fabric was even traded as currency among the wealthier members of their communities. Linen is one of the world’s oldest textiles, made from the flax plant and more specifically, the cellulose fibres that grow inside the stalks. To extract the fibres, the plants are either cut or pulled by hand from the ground, where the seeds are removed through a process called winnowing or ripping. As this plant is harvested, it has been found that fabric made from hand-harvested flax is much finer, more supple, and as a result more highly prized than fabric made from flax that is machine-harvested.

Uses of linen 

This ultra-versatile fabric can be used in home décor, dressmaking and even quilting as long as it is pre-washed. As linen is a strong and practical material, it is often the first choice for household items which need to be hard-wearing such as linen napkins, tea towels, dishtowels, bathroom towels, and even linen rugs. In addition, linen can be used to make dresses, skirts, loose summer trousers, jackets and summer tops, all of which are machine washable on a warm gentle cycle.

Why is Linen so popular in Dressmaking?

However, as we have already touched upon, linen fabric is a popular choice in dressmaking, which we are going to discuss today, as linen has many properties which make it perfect for summer and the hot weather. 

It’s breathable

The last thing you want when spending time in the heat is for a fabric to cling to your skin, bunch together and trap sweat, making you feel uncomfortable and sticky. Linen, however, helps you feel cool in the summer as it dries quicker than cotton but appears crisp and fresh even in hot weather, retaining the heat from your body and releasing the excess. The natural fibre and light weave allow for maximum breathability, making it the perfect material to wear on the hotter days throughout the warmer seasons. 

Excellent cooling and absorbency qualities

Some of linen’s most favourable properties are its heat conductivity characteristics. Linen absorbs a lot of moisture and dries quickly, keeping you cool and dry at all times. Its molecular structure also means that it can absorb as much as 1/5 of its weight before giving a feeling of being damp or wet - the perfect cooling system for the hotter weather. It’s also hypoallergenic, which means sweat is less likely to break down its fibres, significantly alleviating the effects of the heat and humidity on the wearer. 


People often find they need to purchase new clothing for their wardrobe every summer season, but when purchasing linen or linen blend garments you don’t need to worry. This fabric is known as the world’s strongest natural fibre and is far more durable than other materials - such as cotton. Linen clothes will not lose their shape after washing, so if they are looked after properly, it is highly likely that your linen garments will still be in great condition for years to come. Linen’s quality actually improves the more often it is washed, as it will soften up and conform to your body over time. 


Linen clothing is always in fashion, and as the weather gets warmer each year, more and more pieces hit the shelves. The clothes created with this material always look beautiful, a natural, texture which can be rough or smooth, but such a gorgeous fabric. When investing your time to create linen clothes, the finished products will give you excellent cost-per-wear value as they will stay looking wonderful for years. You can truly future-proof your wardrobe, and there is nothing better than stylish pieces of linen clothing for every summer fashion season. 

Would you like to purchase some linen fabric from Fabrics Galore? 

As a business, we travel far and wide for the very best fabrics for our customers - including linen fabric, which we have available in a range of weights and colours that are ideal for different seasonal dressmaking projects. Some of the newer enzyme washed colours we have available include; coral, fire-engine red, stone, porridge and bright white - all at a perfect weight for dressmaking at 230gsm and 100% linen. 

Linen is also perfect for furnishing projects, as its excellent properties mean it can dry almost instantly - a great choice for sheets and drapery. Sheeting linen is often the material used for these projects, which is heavier than other linen types. Fabrics Galore have some high quality 100% loomstate linen fabrics and a range of super smart metallic linens which are perfect for your home furnishing projects. 

If you would like to learn more about the lovely range of linen fabrics we have available at Fabrics Galore, you can chat with one of the team by calling 020 7738 9589. We would be more than happy to help you if you require assistance and answer any questions. 

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