Children’s Fabric Novelty Prints

Children’s Fabric Novelty Prints

If there is one thing we at FG are good at (even if we do say so ourselves) it is a novelty print, whether it be a slight scary skull or a very cute little cat, we have got you covered. But we thought we should highlight some of the children’s fabric novelty prints we have currently because they are pretty good and sometimes they get a bit lost in all the other marvellous stuff we have. 

Space themed fabrics

Maybe this is where it all started recently, but have you seen our latest range of super cute space themed fabrics? The space panel in particular would make a great quilt top, and at FG we have popped some orange fleece on the back to make a very sweet little lap quilt.  Also, some of the prints that came with it could be used for both dressmaking and quilting. The subtler spaceship print could even work its way into an adult outfit. Have a look for the beauties below in our space fabric collection.


Space fabric panel    Spaceship fabric


Star Print Fabrics

We can’t talk about galaxy prints without mentioning the stars, the great thing about a star print fabric is they can be used as a blender in patchwork quilts much like a stripe where you don’t want to flatten the effect with a plain. However, don’t worry as there are also full-blown magical dazzling constellation prints to excite any budding Sir Patrick Moore. And these would even work well as a simple single fabric quilt top, to really let the night sky print shine (pun intended).


space galaxy fabric    Constellation night sky fabric




Children’s Jersey Fabric


But that’s not it on the Space theme frontier, we have some great children’s jersey prints too, which we did mention in out Halloween blog as they would make the perfect leggings for any space themed outfit for a little kid (or maybe a slightly bigger one too). This also might be a bit out there, but they would make great knickers too…


Constellation jersey     Jersey space fabric


Nautical Fabrics

At FG we love a nautical print, it just makes the sweet sound of Rod Stewart’s “Sailing” come to mind. And recently we have been able to get hold of some great nautical fabrics which have nearly been able to transport us on holiday. Furthermore they can be used not only for dressmaking projects for both kids and adults but also as quilting nautical fabrics. There is always an extra special place in our hearts for any lobster print we can find in our home furnishing nautical collection.


Nautical lobster print    jellyfish fabric



Pirate Prints


But maybe you were thinking more of a fun Pirate version of the High Seas, and we are frankly so on board for that too because as previously mentioned, we cannot get enough of a cheeky skull print, maybe it is the natural rebel in us. These prints could also be used as a nod to Halloween if this year we didn’t want to go full-on scary but still want a share in the fun. Check out the skull collection for these jolly prints.


Jolly Roger pirate fabric    Pirates and skulls fabric 



Shark Prints

We cannot go with mentioning these two GREAT shark prints; there isn’t much more to say other than they are great options for a younger and older shark obsessed child and we just want to work them into our next project anyway we can.


Shark print fabric    Shark print furnishing fabric



Children’s Animal Print Fabric

Not sure if we have mentioned it before but we LOVE an animal print and so we don’t want to stop at just leopard print as we have so many super animal prints at the moment many of which are on craft weight cottons so can be used in a variety of children’s items. They could be used for the occasional cushion if you have a jungle themed room and want a slightly smaller print than some of the soft furnishings.  Yet they would also make handy drawstring bags for all the stuff small people need to carry around for school. Did we mention the pencil case options?

  • Tiger prints

Moving immediately away from leopard print, these two tiger prints are so pretty, and the illustration alone means they deserve to be mentioned. They would not only make great cushions but especially the Tea, Tiger could make a contemporary Christmas tree skirt too.


Something a little extra for you CAT FACT FANS: Tigers are the largest of the cat species and can grow up to 3.3m long. 


Tiger print fabric    Tiger who came to tea fabric



  • Flamingo print

Another love at Fabrics Galore is the humble flamingo; it all started with Flamingo Pond which we have used to great success to make a little girl’s dress as it is printed on a cotton poplin, but it has also been widely used for face masks.  From there it felt only natural to move on to Flamingo Party which would not only make a great dress but imagine a little pair of trousers for a small person? TOO CUTE. And again, for the FACT FANS did you know a group of flamingos is called a Flamboyance, which just seems fitting doesn’t it?


Flamingo print fabric    Flamingo fabric


  • Dog Prints

We can’t possibly leave an animal print discussion without mentioning man’s best friend, and this marvellous dog print speaks for itself…..


Puppy Love dog print fabric


 Children’s Character Fabrics


Talking of our favourite women we at FG are also big fans of these two, Alice from Wonderland and Dorothy from Oz. But even better these licensed prints are on jersey which is one of the best materials for children’s clothing because it stretches to nearly every shape they do, with t-shirts and leggings being a great way to show up a jazzy print like these two. 


Wizard of Oz fabric    Alice in Wonderland fabric




Dinosaur Prints

Now we can’t talk about Children’s novelty prints and not mention our dinosaur collection, you see it is pretty good. Again, we have quite a few jersey prints which are great for children’s clothing but also cotton poplins and even a few soft furnishing dinosaur fabrics so you really can go all out. 

This Cath Kidston furnishing cloth is such a cool print, and as it is printed on a cotton panama could be used for quite a few different things. We were thinking it would look pretty special as a lampshade but then again maybe a backpack too? But the red details on the dinosaurs would also really pop when teamed with our red pom pom trim maybe on a blind. Gosh too many ideas.


Cath Kidston dinosaur fabric    Desmond dinosaur fabric


We don’t think you can ever be too little for dinosaurs and if you did have a little young homo sapiens who was into dinosaurs, may we recommend you whip up something with our very cute little Desmond the Dinosaur jersey. The muted colour would also make it perfect for a baby, in case someone else in the family was a big dinosaur fan…


And finally, these cotton poplins are one of our favourites and remind us of a certain film - there is a colour way to suit everyone. We were thinking a little dress would work particularly well with these. 


dinosaur friends fabric    wild dino friends fabric



People Novelty Prints

More recently we have started to notice we have developed a large collection of novelty prints featuring people, a great mixture of people we admire like Frida Kahlo, some great illustrations of people and some which just sum up what we hear all day like this one called "Where are my Glasses?"…….


glasses fabric

We were especially excited to get these back in stock recently, as they are just so much fun. We can’t help but think they would make really super children’s clothes just imagine a little romper suit - it would brighten up even the dullest day. The horizontal direction of the pattern would only add to the cuteness. 

novelty people print fabric    people in spectacles novelty print


You may have noticed by now, but we at Fabrics Galore are HUGE Frida Fans, in fact we have an entire collection dedicated to her and we don’t think it is ever too early to start teaching children about Frida Kahlo, which is partly why we just had to have this very cute print of her to add to our collection.


Frida eyebrow fabric


If you too want to introduce your children to this fascinating woman maybe one of our blogs will inspire you. 


Discover all our Novelty Children’s Fabrics Online


From space and nautical themed fabrics to dinosaur and animal prints there is something for every child’s passion and we haven’t even covered half of the children’s collection at Fabrics Galore! Find your favourite children’s novelty print fabric and do tell us if there’s anything we’ve missed!

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