DIY Home Interiors Trends Unveiled for 2024

DIY Home Interiors Trends Unveiled for 2024

At Fabrics Galore we like to stay ahead of the trends and make sure we have our fingers on the pulse. So, at the start of 2024 we want to make sure our homes are up to date. 

Dive into the latest DIY home furnishing trends for 2024, as this blog explores a fusion of creative insights from House Beautiful, Vogue, Pantone, Country Living, and Telegraph Trends. We are taking a look at the colours of the season, which prints will be big, and finally what will give our homes a refresh for this year. As sewists, there are plenty of opportunities to unleash your creativity with sunshine colour palettes, innovative textures, and timeless design inspirations to elevate your home décor in the coming year.

1. The 2024 Interior Colour Palette:

New Neutrals

Grey has been a big trend for a few years now and with the new year it is being replaced by warmer neutrals like beige, taupe and maybe even that old faithful, magnolia. These colours will create a cosy and inviting space great for both a bedroom and a living space. 

By embracing a more neutral palette in a room, you have an opportunity to use texture to create a feeling of calm, rather than clutter and loud colours fighting for attention. 


Neutral Interior decor

Lien upholstery fabric    Taupe furnishing fabric

Sand Linen and Taupe Brushed Cotton Panama Furnishing Fabrics 


 Peach Fuzz Passion:

Pantone's colour of the year, Peach Fuzz, a blushing orange-pink, symbolises our collective desire for nurturing, empathy, and a peaceful future in a turbulent world. It works especially well in north-facing rooms bringing warmth and light.

Although peach fuzz may not sound initially appealing, the more you think about it the better it becomes. Less girly than the pale pinks and lilacs that have dominated in recent years, this is a more grown-up pastel shade. 

It also works well with the warmer neutrals previously mentioned and can easily fit in with spaces that already have hints of millennial pink and lilac. 


Peach Fuzz Pantone Colour of 2024

Orla Kiely sweetpea in pink amd orange    Alexander Henry Rose Pink cotton canvas

Orla Kiely Sweetpea  and Alexander Henry Si Te Llore


Sweet Embrace

If you are struggling with the idea of leaving grey behind, don’t worry as Dulux’s colour of the year Sweet Embrace is a very subtle pinky grey which just makes it a little warmer. If you already have a grey living space or bedroom, adding a few cushions in a rose pink will be a subtle nod to the trend and will add some tranquil warming vibes to the room. 


Dulux Sweet Embace

Dulux Colour of the Year 2024 Sweet Embrace 

Spotted Pale pink fabric     Plaster Pink fabric

Pink Furnishing Fabrics


Latte Luxe and Buttery Yellow:

    Chocolate brown has been growing in popularity for some time both in fashion and interiors, and Vogue's "latte decorating" trend brings rich brown hues into play, while buttery yellow accents brighten up spaces, adding warmth and sunshine indoors. Adding rich browns to a space creates depth and a subtle warmth while mixing in a buttery yellow prevents a room from becoming drab. 


    Rich Brown Interior Latte Luxe


    Tawny brown herringbone furnishing fabric    Miss Print sunflower yellow fabric

    Tawny Brown Herringbone and Miss Print Saplings Sunflower Furnishing Fabrics


     Country Living's Palette:

    Countryside vibes have been popular for quite a while with trends like heritage;  now it is all about the landscape as an aesthetic. Featuring the pinks and yellows of sunrise mixed with the greens and ink blues of more traditional countryside living. Why not mix in some wool and tweed for added texture creating that soothing and wholesome warmth. 


    Green furnishing fabric

    Green Furnishing Fabrics

    2. Texture Symphony:

    Ruffles and Gingham:

    We love gingham at Fabrics Galore - whether for dressmaking or interiors. Ruffles and gingham are a match made in heaven and we have seen a growing trend for cushions made with big ruffles overtaking simple piping for quite some time. But don't rely solely on ginghams, stripes are also a great way to introduce pattern into any room, so why not mix candy cane stripes with gingham to create a playful element to your room. 


    Cath Kidston Candy Stripe Fabric    Green gingham furnishing fabric

    Cath Kidston Mid Stripe Candy and Tea Green and Cream Gingham


    Bouclé Bedrooms:

    Another one of your favourites and ours, the Bouclé trend is going absolutely nowhere; good news, because we are expanding our range of furnishing bouclé. Adding bouclé into any room, whether for seat pads, cushions, or even headboards creates depth and texture which will only add to that warm cosy feeling. Move beyond the living room and incorporate bouclé textures into bedrooms, offering a luxurious touch to bedspreads, throws, and pillows.

    Cream boucle furnishing

    Furnishing Bouclé in Fluffy Cream


    Mixing Textures

    Vogue suggests embracing woven textures and knits for a cosy and vintage feel, moving away from faux fur in favour of rich, diverse textures in natural fibres. Playing around with textures is a great idea if mixing patterns isn't your thing, and it can be done in a subtle way too. Think about using linen rather than cotton for cushions or even an armchair. Or add some double gauze bedding to you bedroom to create a more textured space. The only tip you need is to keep the colour palette simple so that the textures and colours aren’t competing for attention. 


    3. Creative Expressions:

    Statement Pieces:

    Sometimes you want to a make a big statement with your furnishing choices, and the trend for 2024 is toward s one big statement piece rather than many small expressions of ourselves. For example, Etsy is seeing a decrease in interest in a gallery wall in favour of one big piece of artwork.

    This trend is reflected in soft furnishing too - so now is your chance to create some statement curtains or blinds. Boldly command attention with unique and eye-catching décor, allowing your personality to shine through. Bold tropical florals fit this trend perfectly.


    Bright Tropical Furnishing Fabric

    Tropical Furnishing Cotton Kokata



    Pop Art Florals:

    This trend immediately made us think of Orla Kiely with her bold, graphic floral prints. Maybe it’s a sign that you need a new lampshade or cushions in one of her iconic prints as a nod to this trend. Her florals come in muted tones fitting well with the colours of 2024, with the pops of dark green if you wanted to embrace the countryside vibe.  Pops of orange would work well against a background of the peach fuzz or the creamy coloured prints pair well with a neutral or with pale pink. 


    Orla Kiely Spot Flower

    Orla Kiely Fabric


    Cut to Curtains:

    Telegraph Trends emphasise curtains as the most versatile way to update your space—use them for windows, doors, as room dividers, or even as creative kitchen cabinet replacements.

    Curtains are also a great way of reducing the heat loss in a room and for minimising sound from the outside world, when lined with both blackout lining and interlining.

    Curtains create softness in a room and are a great way of introducing a pattern or block of colour or to add texture. 


    Unleash Your Creativity in 2024!

    As you embark on your creative journey in 2024, the trends invite you to blend your passion for sewing with the latest in interior design. Whether you're drawn to the quiet luxury of Vogue, the sunshine palettes of Pantone and Country Living, or the timeless classics revived by House Beautiful and Telegraph Trends, this year promises a myriad of opportunities to infuse your home with personal style and comfort. So, the only thing to do now is choose from our fabulous furnishing fabrics, thread your needle, pick up your scissors, and let your 2024 interior start to unfold!

    Feature Image Credit: Dulux

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