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At Fabrics Galore we have a wide selection of velvet fabric to buy online. You can buy any of our high-quality velvet fabrics by the half metre and with fast delivery, you’ll be starting your velvet dressmaking project in no time!

 We stock a lovely selection of stretch velvet fabrics in a variety of gorgeous colours, ideal for a dress or top. The stretch velvet fabrics have a lovely drape and sheen in a medium weight perfect for that special garment. Velvet is a luxurious fabric but doesn’t have to come with the expensive price tag.  If you are thinking of sewing a glamorous evening dress, stretch velvet is an ideal choice of fabric.

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What is velvet fabric made of?

Velvet can refer to material made of numerous different fibres. Traditionally, velvet was a luxury fabric made entirely of silk which is how it got its high price tag. Today there are cheaper velvet fabrics made with a combination of synthetic fibres such as polyester and viscose. Stretch velvet fabric refers to a synthetic velvet which has added Spandex with the polyester to create the stretch quality desired in dress-making.

 What is the best velvet fabric?

The best type of velvet fabric really depends on your intended use. A silk velvet is the ultimate luxury velvet product, soft with a beautiful drape and can be used in dressmaking or home furnishing sewing. Crushed velvet is twisted when wet to create the crushed effect which is popular in fashion. Stretch velvet made from polyester and elastane is a lovely figure-hugging fabric ideal for evening dresses.

 Is velvet stretchy?

Velvet is stretchy when the fibre combination includes spandex or elastane. Stretch velvet is ideal for dressmaking.  

 Can you wash velvet?

Both silk and cotton velvet require a lot of care when cleaning to maintain the lustre of the fabric. Polyester or microfibre velvet is much easier to care for as it is more resistant to dirt and stains and therefore useful for upholstery. Most people recommend dry-cleaning velvet, but some velvet fabrics can be washed on a gentle machine cycle or hand-washed.

 At Fabrics Galore, we also stock super soft home furnishing velvet fabrics which are a perfect weight for cushions or curtains or upholstered chair. View our full range of velvet fabrics below!

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