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Easter Craft Ideas and Outdoor Celebrations

Well we don't know about you but the recent warm spell, although a bit short-lived, has made us look forward to Easter crafting and maybe, just maybe, hoping for an outdoor Easter egg hunt. Which means we had better look out last year's outdoor cushions and see if they could do with a quick update to make our outdoor spaces look suitably Spring-Like.


Easter Craft Idea No 1: Bunny Bags

Now we have mentioned this backpack before, but now we have actually made some, we can guarantee they are super cute and make the perfect gift if you wanted to do something a bit different to chocolate. And it also makes the perfect bag for Nursery, Swimming Kit or just the essentials any child needs. 


Easter Bunny Backpack made by Fabrics Galore London

Bunny Backpack by Handmade Joy

We have made ours using a pretty shade of pink from our cotton Panama collection, and then added some velvet and bouclé ears to make it super tactile too. Simply add some piping cord for bag straps and you are off. 


You could use any of our soft furnishing cottons as they are strong enough for any wear and tear, we also quite like the idea of teaming some of the other brightly coloured cotton panamas with either a contrast striped chambray or pretty cotton florals. You really can use anything so it’s a truly unique and personal gift. 


Pale blue chambray stripe fabric    Plain Yellow cotton panama fabric

Chambray Pale Blue Stripe and Brushed Panama Weave in Chartreuse Yellow

Easter Craft Idea No 2: Easter Bonnets

If Easter fills you with a slight panic about what on earth to do for an Easter Bonnet Competition, then don’t panic we have a few ideas up our sleeves for you. 

The simplest ideas we have in our heads, seem to be first of all adding a simple pair of bunny ears (you could even use the template provided by the bunny bag mentioned above) to a hat you have already. You could use a range of fabrics but to make them super tactile and almost furry, what about our cream bouclé? To keep it spring like you could even mix in some pretty cotton florals as the backing. Pretty Cute right.


Cream boucle Fabric for an Easter Bonnet    Floral home furnishing

Cream Boucle fabric and Floral Linen Look Birthday Girl


Our other cracking idea (we know it’s not our best joke ever) is for you to use this simple beret design by Now that’s Peachy, made from two white felt squares, some cream bouclé or even some of our cream boiled wool and topped with a yellow circle (you could even use scrap) to make a fried egg beret. Again you could even top it with a pretty yellow polka dot to add even more charm. The perfect quirky quick make to gain you all the Easter points and quite funny too, even if we do say so ourselves.


Easter bonnet quick beret make    Yellow Polka Dot Fabric

Now That's Peachy DIY Beret and Yellow Polka Dot Fabric


Easter Craft Idea No 3: Bunting

We have said it before and we will keep saying it, it’s not a party without bunting or a cake. We can’t help you with the cake, but bunting is very much our thing. We believe that bunting is the perfect Easter Craft Idea to use up all your scraps and there is no need for any disposable decorations making fabric bunting very much the best green alternative.

However, if you were thinking your bunting scraps need something to really make them pop, then you need to check out our bunting collection. It is packed with everything you need from ditsy florals, spots, stripes and even the occasional Liberty Print to make your bunting suitable for a posh party too. 


Bunting Fabric.   Jubilee bunting fabric


Outdoor Fabrics for Celebrations in the Garden

Easter also tends to mean (fingers' crossed) the start of slightly better weather, so your crafting can turn towards making the best of your outdoors. But if you're wondering what the best fabric choices might be, well, leave that with us. 

Outdoor Cushions

Outdoor cushions come in two categories, cushions that might stay outside overnight and spend winters in a shed, and others which are from indoors but you can bung in the washing machine afterwards if they get a bit muddy or damp.

Now, for the first ones you need something a bit weather repellant which leads us nicely to our water resistant fabrics. These can be used for cushions for outside seating, and come in some pretty jazzy colours too. Our favourite is the aquamarine; we love blue and we also think it will pop nicely against all the green foliage…..


Aquamarine Blue Outdoor Fabric 

Water Resistant Outdoor Fabric Aquamarine Blue


For the other type of cushions, the ones that can be popped in the wash but need to be brought in at the end of the party, you can use any of our soft furnishing cottons. These cushion fabrics also tend to be a way of bringing the outside in during the long winter months so really you want them to reflect the great outdoors. Again, our personal favourite is Plumage perfect for big indoor cushions but they really come into their own when they get to pop outside.


Outdoor cushion fabrics

Home Furnishing Twill Plumage

We have plenty of other great botanical options for all sorts of gardens and for bringing the garden inside, just in case we don’t quite have the Easter we were hoping for. 


Botanic Fabric


Quick Outdoor Blankets

It goes without saying that we might not have the warm Easter weather which we are all hoping for to make our great return to the outside world. But never mind, we were thinking of whipping up a few extra simple blankets just in case Easter is a bit crisp. We have been saying for a while that if you back a quilt with fleece it cuts out the need for both wadding and a backing. As so many of our fleeces would go with Summer in a Glass, it seems rude not to whip up a cosy blanket.


Summer in a Glass

But if you were thinking of something less drinks orientated there are plenty of soft furnishing fabrics to mix and match to make quick quilts with simple quilting. We have been thinking for a while about mixing two ginghams to make a double sided quilt perfect for snuggling up under outside to enjoy on those longer evenings. With all the simple lines if could easily be quilted every now and again and you would know the lines would be straight. 


Gingham fabric


Choose your Easter Crafting and Outdoor fabrics


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