Going Green: The 2022 Interiors Trend to Transform your Home

Going Green: The 2022 Interiors Trend to Transform your Home

You may have noticed recently that all things have been going Green, whether it be the best colour to paint your nails to the latest interior trends, green is the colour to use. So, we at FG have investigated to see which are the best shades for you to use to keep your house bang on trend.


Why Green is the Colour of 2022


As we all know there are many different shades of every colour and some have more benefits than others; although Green is a bit different. As almost every shade of green has links to nature and the outside it makes the brain relax and ease stress; and this might be the reason it’s so on trend for interiors as we are all looking at ways to bring the calming effects of nature indoors.


Green Leaf Print Furnishing Fabric   Green Apple Blossom furnishing fabric

Coco Cotton Panama and Fleurs D'Amandier by Maison Thevenon


Green went out of fashion in the Modernism period as they favoured primary colours, but following World War Two around the 1950’s Green came back in fashion in a big way as it was a colour of hope. In 2022 we crave green because it brings a sense of wellbeing and calm into our lives and has positive associations with a fresh start, something we can all get on board with after the last 2 years.


How to Bring Green into Your Home


Top Tip - If you are looking for the best shade to reduce stress, you need to look for a green with more beige and yellow tones.

Now the best way to bring the outside in, if the idea of a plain green is a bit daunting is some tropical palm prints, because if you are going to bring the outside in, what better way than with the Tropics, that’s what we say.


Tropical Green Furnishing Fabric Cactus Print    Green Furnishing Twill Art Deco Plumage Print

Digital Print Velvet Green Cactus and Green Cotton Twill Plumage


As these tropical green prints are so beautiful, we would recommend letting them shine, maybe with a blind to get the full effect. If you are also not yet convinced by the whole green trend this might be a simple entry in.


Which Colours Complement Green?


If you are looking around your house and thinking, I already have quite a lot of colour and I’m not sure we can pop any green in, think again. It all depends on the shade; a deep Forest Green or Pretty Sage Green goes perfectly with a pale pink. It creates a pretty, delicate vibe to the room, and we are really hoping to make some cushions from La Palmeraie, teamed with a pale pink piping. 


Green Palm Tree Furnishing Fabric

La Palmeraie in Green by Maison Thevenon


Deeper shades of Green go so beautifully when teamed with Mustard Yellows or Rust Orange (pops of Orange are set to be bang on trend soon too, but more on that later). This adds some comfort and warmth to the room which is perfect for merging the outside and inside. 

Opulent Greens


Digital Print Velvet Carnival

Furnishing Green Velvet Carnival


But if bringing the outside in, isn’t your vibe and you are more into creating a feeling of opulence well you need some Emerald Green. Emerald green goes perfectly with dark woods, brown leather, and maybe a pop of deep purple especially in luxurious cloths like velvet or satin. Doesn’t that combo just make everything feel more luxurious and even glamorous? Emerald Green has long been associated with wealth, for example in Jan Van Eyck’s painting the Arnolfini Wedding painted in 1430 the Bride wears an Emerald green dress and it was meant to illustrate how she was now in the Upper Middle Class.


And you know what goes perfectly with an Emerald Green - METALLICS especially gold or bronze. So, add a few dark green velvet cushions, maybe some golden drawer handles and a statement gold lamp; suddenly your living room would feel a lot more opulent. 


Metallic Furnishing Fabrics

Furnishing Metallic Fabrics


Bottle Green


If you weren’t looking for this vibe but are interested in bringing some green into your Monochrome home, then you are looking for Bottle Green. It goes perfectly and is a less obvious choice to instantly make a room feel cosy and classic. The ideal way to do this in a bedroom would be to add a statement green headboard, quite a quick fix but would dramatically change the vibe.  


Green Leopard Furnishing Fabric    Velvet Bottle Green Furnishing Fabric

Leopards on the Prowl Petrol and Gold and Bottle Green Velvet 

Other 2022 Colours to Complement Green




Coral Pink Brushed Cotton Panama Weave

Coral Pink Brushed Cotton Panama Weave


If we haven’t yet convinced you of Green then maybe the other colours that are set to be big in 2022 will be more you. Starting with Coral, adding pops of orange have shown to increase energy levels which is great for creativity and productivity. But it can be a daunting colour as it is so bright, BUT that is where Coral is the answer. Like deeper shades of green, Coral goes wonderfully with white and turquoise and would make your living room feel like a holiday in Greece. If that isn’t something you want it can be great more muted colour palettes such as taupe, grey and navy. Coral is also a great alternative to pink, meaning it can soften a more masculine vibe to a room.




 Purple Brushed Panama Furnishing Fabric

 Purple Brushed Panama Furnishing Fabric

Secondly there is Violet, which was Pantone’s Colour of 2018, the handy thing about this colour is that it is trans-seasonal. It can be cosy for the cooler winter months but can look fresh and modern in the sunshine. It goes perfectly with neutrals such as a grey for coolness or warm shades of brown too. As previously mentioned, this is a perfect partner to a deeper green to create quite the sophisticated look. This might be because historically the colour is closely associated with Royalty, as it was so difficult to create so only the very wealthy could afford it.


Pantone’s Colour of 2022: Veri Peri


The colour is also set to be a big trend in clothing fashions as well, but it is not to be confused with the Pantone Colour of 2022 which is the slightly bluer shade of Very Peri. 


Thistle Blue Furnishing Fabric

Bright Blue Large Thistle Cotton Panama


Pacific Pink


Pacific Pink Tropical Furnishing Fabric

Banana Leaves Flamingo


And lastly Pacific Pink, now we love Pink at Fabrics Galore, and this is the perfect next step from the Millennial Pink of the last few years. Not only would this look great with any shade of Green from Sage to deeper Forest Green, but this shade of pink is also more rosy and deeper than other shades that have been at the forefront recently. It’s a bit like the Millennial Pink has grown up. It’s perfect for creating instant warm in a room without necessarily being too girly. By the way, If you wanted to wear more pink you should head over to our Blog about the Colour…..


Discover Green Fabric for the “Going Green” Interiors Trend

So hopefully that has inspired you to go for the green interior trend set to reign in the coming year and if you are thinking now is the time for an update our Home Furnishing Collection is packed with green fabrics……

And lastly, for Green Inspo take a look over on our Pinterest page “The Green Green Grass of Home” where we have curated some sublime green looks to get you thinking.

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