Under the current circumstances, many people are looking to start new dressmaking and home furnishing projects. No matter whether you are looking to make face masks to donate, or you would like to make summer garments for you and your children ready for the warmer weather, here at Fabrics Galore, we would be more than happy to help you. 

In this guide we highlight the different types of plain fabric available to purchase, and their specific uses in Dressmaking, Home Furnishing and Quilting. Plain fabrics also known as “basics” should not be considered boring as they can be used in any sewing project and can often tie the different elements of an interior, garment or quilt together. Feel free to continue reading to find out more. 

Plain dressmaking fabrics 

Before starting your dressmaking project, and deciding on a plain fabric choice, it is essential that you take into consideration the style, fit, design, silhouette and structure you want to achieve with your design. Dressmaking has always been incredibly popular, and here at Fabrics Galore, our fabrics coming in two standard widths, 115cm and around 140cm.

  • Plain cotton calico

  • plain cotton calicoThis plain cotton calico fabric is very versatile, inexpensive and often serves as a natural base for many projects. It is woven from half-processed and unbleached cotton fibres, made in almost the same way as cotton cloth, but by stopping the process before the cotton is fully processed. One of the best uses of this fabric is for toiling, which is essentially using a plain fabric as a practice run with the pattern before completing your final dressmaking piece. Toiling gives you the ability to see how the finished item will look and how it will fit you. 

  • Plain cotton poplin 

  • Plain cotton poplin is such a versatile fabric, available in a wide range of different weights, and is very durable. These plain-weave cottons are normally used for tops, aprons, tunics, skirts and dress garments, being known for their distinctive ribbed texture and tightly closed weave. Although it is relatively thin, this fabric is smooth, holds its shape well and easy to sew, making it the perfect choice for workwear and uniforms.

  • Plain linen

  • plain linen fabricOur plain linen fabrics are a highly breathable and durable choice for your dressmaking project. With the plain colours available on our site ranging from creamy white to a greyish brown, linen is a very popular choice - especially in hotter climates. One of the drawbacks of linen is the fact that it tends to crease quite easily, which is why it is sometimes mixed with other fibres to reduce creasing As well as our plain linen fabrics, we have a wide range of different prints available for you to choose from. 

    Home furnishing plain fabrics 

    If you are looking to add colour, print and depth to your interiors, you may be considering a new home furnishing project. You may be looking to create new curtains, blinds or cushions - no matter the purpose - you will be able to find the perfect home furnishing fabrics online on the Fabrics Galore website. 

  • Plain suedettes

  • plain suedettes fabricIf you are trying to find a super soft finish to your modern home furnishing project, our plain suedettes would be the perfect choice for you. Their soft and supple texture is gorgeous, available in 10 colours and sold by the half metre. If you are looking to create a contemporary look for your interior, plain suedette fabrics are perfect, especially when used with another textured fabric such as corduroy

  • Brushed panama weave fabrics 

  • From soft furnishing, to some upholstery, our range of brushed panama weave fabrics can be used for all different types of projects. This heavyweight cotton is especially perfect for a cushion, curtain or even a bag, it is completely up to you and your specific design. You can provide your rooms with a light and elegant feel, suiting both traditional or modern decorating styles.

  • Plain velvet fabrics 

  • plain velvet fabricOur velvet fabrics are both high quality and available in a variety of plain colours - the perfect choice for any special furnishing projects you are looking to work on. It is often considered a luxurious choice which can be lightweight to mid-weight, it completely depends on the finish you are looking to achieve. In the past, velvet was typically woven from silk, but in today’s modern age it is often woven from combinations of linen, wool, and synthetic fibres.  

    Plain quilting fabrics

    Designing a quilt is often the go-to for many, especially during the current crisis where we are all staying at home. This is a really fun craft project to complete with your family, and choosing quilting fabrics is not a difficult task, as there is a huge variety to choose from. As a business, at Fabrics Galore we are delighted to be able to offer a large range of quilting fabrics available for you to purchase. 

  • Plain cotton poplins

  • This cotton fabric is not only used for dressmaking, it is also a great choice for any quilting projects you have. As we have already touched upon, this fabric is very sturdy and durable which can be bleached, dyed or printed. It is also very easy to use when sewing with it, as it is resistant to creasing and does not slide around on the table - which you will appreciate when working on your quilting project with your family. 

  • Plain blenders

  • As I’m sure you know, when working on a quilting project, blenders are an incredibly important part of your craft - essentially being the foundation for your quilt. They are there to help frame and accentuate your favourite focal prints, which is why they need to be plain, whilst still adding something to your piece. At Fabrics Galore many of our spot and polka dot fabrics are considered plains in a quilting context. At Fabrics Galore, we have over sixty varieties in our current stock, so there is plenty for you to choose from. 

    Contact Fabrics Galore 

    If you would like to find out more about the range of plain fabrics we have available, or have any questions, please feel free to contact a member of our team on howdy@fabricsgalore.co.uk . By making a purchase with us, you know you are going to be investing in long-lasting, cost-effective fabric pieces which you are guaranteed to fall in love with. 

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