Dressmaking for UK Staycations: The Perfect Capsule Wardrobe

Dressmaking for UK Staycations: The Perfect Capsule Wardrobe


Dressing for UK Staycations

If you were hoping to travel abroad this year, you probably realise this was a little bit too optimistic, while the UK and half the world are still in a lockdown situation. As an alternative, many families up and down the country are planning UK staycations, as the current restrictions are encouraging more of us to look a little closer to home for a holiday. However, as UK summers are always so unpredictable in terms of the weather, you need to plan your clothing choices accordingly, and have an outfit for every occasion and weather option. If you are looking to make your UK staycation capsule wardrobe and want the best dressmaking fabrics, we have lots of ideas

The Indispensable Fleece

                        rainbow fleece

Let’s face it, the first thing we pack for a UK holiday is our trusty fleece but why make do with plain old dark colours when you can make a splash with this all-important top layer? Not only good for walking but also essential after a chilly swim in our UK waters! Relatively easy to make, our range of polar fleece fabrics come in so many summery colours like coral, aqua and lemon yellow, and include a rainbow, Breton stripe and camo print. There is definitely something for every family member.

Lots of layers - cardigans and sweatshirts

strawberry fabric

One of the most important aspects of your staycation wardrobe should be the layers you can throw on when it’s chilly. As UK weather is so unpredictable, you need to have extra warm clothes - plus with no weight restrictions you can afford to be prepared. Jersey fabric is a great choice for making your very own cardigan, which is not only a wardrobe staple, but also very practical and an extra cosy layer to keep you warm on chilly days and evenings.

Sweatshirts are also another great option to make, as you can use them to throw on if you are going on a long walk, or even just feeling a bit chilly, just add cropped jeans and sandals for a nice summery look. Even though the sunny weather and blue skies make more of a frequent appearance in the summer, evenings in the UK can still feel quite cool. Across the Fabrics Galore website, we have a wide range of brushed back sweatshirt fabrics which are incredibly soft and have beautiful prints where you can always find a pattern to fall in love with.

Summer and spring dresses

summer dressmaking linen
Dresses are a must-have in your staycation wardrobe using fabrics such as linen and cotton, as they don’t only look lovely, but they can also be layered up with a cardigan or sweatshirt for any colder weather. A summery dress pairs really well with so many different types of footwear too, so if you want to go to dinner you can add a pair of pretty sandals, or a pair of trainers for an afternoon beach walk. When designing your dress, try to stick to more neutral colours and autumn shades of fabric like navy, as these work really well with jumpers if you need to add layers throughout the day.
Jeans and a nice top
               blue jean fabric

You can never go wrong with jeans and a nice top, and it’s often the go-to for s
o many different occasions. Despite everyone living in WFH outfits for what feels like forever, jeans are definitely making a come-back into everyday outfits - even on zoom calls back at home. Whether you’re just heading to a local restaurant or setting off on a morning walk with your family, jeans and a nice top can be styled perfectly, and are certainly a must-have outfit if you are enjoying your holiday in the UK.

If you are looking to make your own jeans, denim fabric is a relatively simple material to work with if you have the right tools and you can easily create the perfect denim look for you. We have an extensive range of stretch and non-stretch denim fabric options for you to choose from.  

Water Resistant Outer Layers   



It’s not a UK staycation if we don’t have at least one day of rain, is it? Luckily there are so many great patterns for waterproof coats and our range of cotton coated water resistant fabrics are perfect for a light shower or just to keep out the wind.

A picnic blanket - the perfect accessory for a family holiday

Although a picnic blanket is not going to be part of your wardrobe, it should certainly be considered a must-have to pack on your UK staycation, and can even be utilised when you’re back at home. As the weather is warming up and we’re all going to be utilising our gardens more, a lovely homemade picnic blanket will be perfect for a variety of occasions. If you design the blanket using a novelty print, with a cosy fleece fabric, the picnic blanket can even be used as a normal blanket for any chilly evenings. They also make perfect gifts.

           camo fleece fabric

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